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GP | Characteristics and use of the possibilities of an industrial washing machine

The Grandimpianti ILE industrial washing machine is the first, most important and most frequently used appliance in professional laundries. The entire washing process begins with an industrial…
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GP | Planetary mixer - application and functionality in professional gastronomy

Specialist equipment in the kitchen of gastronomic establishments is the basis of its proper functioning. The selection of equipment, its effective use, as well as maintenance and inspections, allow…
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GP | Disinfection and cleanliness in an industrial laundry

Industrial laundries are places where contact with dirt is on the agenda. Washing clothes involves contact with germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi and numerous substances potentially harmful to health.…
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GP | The design and capabilities of an industrial waffle iron - that is, how this equipment is made

The industrial waffle iron is a device that has been designed and constructed with professional gastronomy in mind.
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GP | Convection steam oven - high quality dishes and low operating costs

A professional combi steamer is a "treasure" of every restaurant. Chefs who know and understand this technology perfectly know how to use the possibilities of…
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GP | Professional deep fryer - use in a professional kitchen

In every restaurant, in most small fast food bars, and even in food trucks, the gastronomic fryer is a very important element of the equipment. Poles love French fries, often buying them as an…
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GP | Gastronomic waffle maker - modern, functional and economical

A waffle maker is a device that many of us have in our home. Poles like waffles, especially in summer, when you can add a lot of fruit to them, mix them with ice cream or interesting…
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GP | Preparation of meat and its mechanical processing - cutting and quartering

Meat is a very important part of the human diet. Despite the fact that we are gradually moving away from eating meat, it is still one of the most-consumed foods. Proper meat preparation is not…
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GP | Professional choppers - a way to make the perfect cutlet

Meat consumption in our country is much higher than in most European Union countries. We are not here to discuss the benefits or the lack of benefits for this situation. We want to focus on what meat…
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