Specialist equipment in the kitchen of gastronomic establishments is the basis of its proper functioning. The selection of equipment, its effective use, as well as maintenance and inspections, allow to increase the efficiency of work in a gastronomic establishment in a significant way.

A planetary mixer is a device that successfully replaces several similar, smaller devices of this type. This device makes it possible to perform several works faster and more efficiently than the staff would do. There is a reason why a planetary mixer is called a food processor.

In the case of professional mixers for use in professional gastronomy, there are several different applications. How to effectively use a professional planetary mixer, how to choose it in terms of parameters and possibilities, and what functionalities can be useful in a professional kitchen - we will tell you about it in the following article.




GP | The use of a professional planetary mixer - what this device can do

Planetary mixer dedicated to professional applications, is a device completely different than food processors found in home kitchens. A huge bowl that can hold up to several dozen kilograms of ingredients, a huge body and an impressive stirrer and tool set. This is what a professional planetary mixer looks like in a nutshell.

Its applications are very diverse, based on:

  • mixing various products, both fully liquid and semi-liquid,
  • blending products, i.e. giving them a coherent semi-fluid composition,
  • mixing the ingredients very precisely, not only in liquid but also in solid form,
  • kneading dough, unlike the spiral mixer, the planetary mixer is rather used to knead light dough,
  • chopping, grinding and slicing all kinds of products, from delicate fruit and vegetables to ice.

The use of appropriate tools in the form of knives, oars or tools for friction or tamping, allows to increase the range of possibilities of such a device, as well as to use it in various cases.

A professional planetary mixer allows you to automate many tasks and activities in a professional kitchen. Importantly, various tools can be used in this type of mixers, which significantly increases their scope of use.

GP | Planetary mixer - power, tools and modes of operation

In professional gastronomy it is very important that the tools and devices are, above all, universal. Their versatility is an advantage, hence the great popularity of planetary robots, which, thanks to the use of various tools, enable the performance of most activities that would normally be performed by kitchen staff.

The planetary mixer is therefore selected on the basis of:

  • power, thus conditioning its effectiveness and functionality,
  • the number of tools that can be used in the planetary mixer,
  • bowl capacity,
  • warranty and service availability, which is crucial in the case of devices of this type in professional gastronomy.

Power is a technical parameter which, in a way, determines the application and use of the device. The number of tools that are available on the market and that can be used in the mixer determines the versatility of the device. Contrary to appearances, the capacity of the bowl is very important, especially when used in professional gastronomy. The duration of the warranty and service is a matter related to the use of the device in professional, so to speak, "industrial conditions". This is crucial for keeping the entire kitchen running smoothly.

Looking at the above features and functionalities, the purchase of a device such as a planetary mixer allows for a significant acceleration of work and the functioning of the kitchen. It is important to use the potential of such a device and the appropriate choice in terms of needs, parameters and capabilities.

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