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GP | Industrial mangle - application and possibilities

The electric ironer is a device that was used already in the 19th century, when it had the same function as it does today - it ironed tablecloths, bed sheets, curtains and even carpets.
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GP | Refrigerated cabinets - construction, application and possibilities

A refrigerated cabinet is a device that combines the capabilities of a refrigerator or refrigerator with an exhibition site. It is a device that is most often made of steel and…
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GP | Industrial washing machine and domestic washing machine - differences and work efficiency

An industrial washing machine is a device that is designed and manufactured to work in difficult conditions, washing clothes at very high temperatures, using high rotational speeds of the drum.…
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GP | Kebab - the history and success of a simple dish

Kebab is a dish known to all Poles, fast food, simple and tasty, and at the same time nutritious and cheap. Although probably every Pole ate a kebab, not everyone knows where this dish came…
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GP | Convection steam oven - construction, possibilities and application

Modern technology penetrates into every aspect and into every branch of our lives. There are also many technical innovations in gastronomy, and manufacturers compete in electronic and mechanical…
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GP | Stainless steel furniture in gastronomy - advantages and disadvantages

The catering industry is one of the most restrictive when it comes to hygiene, cleanliness and disinfection. In times of a pandemic, this is the industry that has suffered the most. Meanwhile,…
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GP | Good, tasty and healthy pizza - from what oven?

Pizza has become one of the favorite dishes of Poles many years ago. No wonder that we have successfully adopted Italian and American pizzerias, as well as all other varieties of this cake with…
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GP | Industrial washing machine - how to choose and use effectively

The purchase of an industrial washing machine is often a very large investment. Many companies choose to use it to avoid the costs associated with external outsourcing of washing and replacing…
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GP | Vacuum packing machine - Food storage and transport

The devastation that the pandemic is wreaking in the catering industry has made restaurants try in every way how to survive such a difficult time. One of them is to focus solely on the sale of…
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