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Stainless steel tables ,furniture - Business as stable and durable as GastroProdukt Professional furniture

For a decade, stainless steel tables and other furniture has been equipping Polish restaurants, premises and catering companies with high-quality stainless steel tables for gastronomy . For us, thousands of satisfied customers are the best proof of the value that we bring to the market. From the very beginning, we carry out an ambitious mission and every day, step by step, we improve the constantly growing catering industry. When it comes to gastronomic everyday life, only the best quality counts. This is what characterizes furniture and appliances with the GastroProdukt Professional logo. We know that the road to success in professional gastronomy is not full of roses, but we do our best to minimize the thorns on this path to the stars. We offer you reliable, ergonomic stainless steel furniture, the quantity and variety of which make your head spin. Every chef, regardless of the size and profile of the restaurant, will find here gastronomic furniture ideally suited to his needs. From tables with sinks or a wall table in several variants and sizes, through cabinets, to wardrobes or social furniture, we guarantee that we have everything a professional kitchen may need.


Stainless steel tables and furniture for professionals

Stainless steel furniture - The technology that surrounds us from all sides and the overload of information still admit the truth as old as the world, that sometimes less is better. Thanks to this motto, the stainless steel furniture that we produce is distinguished by the ease of maintenance and a high level of ergonomics. Rounded edges, smooth surfaces that do not react with food, reinforced welds and a solid structure are a recipe for the perfect furniture for gastronomy . Furniture for gastronomy GastroProdukt Professional are quiet and persistent kitchen helpers, without whom working in the back room would be unbearable. Every chef knows that stable furniture is the basis for the efficient operation of a kitchen, so choosing the highest quality, we lay solid foundations for the functioning of the entire restaurant. We encourage you to contact our experienced customer service department, ready to provide all the necessary information and help in choosing the appropriate gastronomic furniture .



Stainless steel furniture, stainless steel work bench in the GastroProdukt Professional offer?

Stainless steel furniture is widely used in the hospitality and catering industry and the medical sector. A significant part of the furniture that we offer is made entirely of stainless steel AISI 441, 1.4509. This applies not only to standard kitchen equipment and appliances, but also to various types of additional accessories. Our offer also includes various stainless steel tables pass-through cabinets, gastronomic hoods, etc. stainless steel products include, among others such products as:

  • wówaiter's desk,
  • gastronomic table,
  • pass-through cabinet,
  • cooker hood.


Type of dining establishment and stainless steel furniture ( stainless steel tables,stainless steel work bench)

The offer of GastroProdukt gastronomic furniture made of stainless steel has a very varied application. However, not all of them are suitable for every dining establishment. Fast food outlets and other small establishments generally do not require waiter kettles to serve food. Therefore, this type of stainless steel accessories are used mainly in larger premises. Among professional users stainless steel gastronomic furniture, stainless steel work table   are found in restaurants, dining tables, canteens and self-service premises, while our dishwasher bases and dining tables are typically used, among others. in hotel kitchens. In addition, they are popular in industrial kitchens, where very large amounts of ready meals are served.


GastroProdukt Professional stainless steel prep table

An important part of our offer of stainless steel gastronomic furniture are gastronomic tables. Catering tables are eagerly used in the hotel sector, providing a large work surface to prepare a variety of dishes. Stainless steel furniture GastroProdukt allows you to prepare both fish and complex meat dishes. Classic table depths are 600 mm or 700 mm, while their height can be adjusted in the range from 850 mm to 900 mm, the width can also be modified to the customer's needs.

Our stainless steel tables also include a variety of sink tables. These functional stainless steel tables are especially suitable for use in kitchens in hotels, restaurants and hospitals. They have a fixed height of 850 mm and a width of 750 mm, which allows them to be conveniently placed in the kitchen. Catering tables with a sink are equipped with a washbasin with a width from 1000 mm to 2000 mm. Our catering tables are adapted to the string of the dishwasher.


GastroProdukt Professional furniture - GastroProdukt Professional furniture for gastronomy made of acid-resistant stainless steel.

GastroProdukt Professional furniture for gastronomy made of stainless steel is an excellent element of equipment for any gastronomic kitchen or industrial laundry. Stainless steel furniture always guarantee a large work surface, which is finished with the edge of the gastronomic table. Thanks to this application, gastronomic table will not accumulate the leftover food ingredients on the wall, which are prepared every day. Catering tables also have a shelf on which we can store the necessary kitchen utensils. The bench is located under the gastronomic table top, providing enough space for large gastronomic accessories. Stainless steel made of acid-resistant steel is not only durability but most of all easy to keep clean.



Stainless steel furniture GastroProdukt Professional - Gastro-acid-resistant stainless steel furniture and their advantages?

Stainless steel acid-resistant steel with an edge on the back are very practical and universal. Dining tables made of stainless steel, one of the strongest points of this furniture is the argument that it has a special edge that protects against water splashes, which provides the kitchen worker with a very hygienic work surface. Dining table with a rim means less risk of staining the walls with food scraps. It is very important when our catering tables are a practical worktop perfect for slicing ingredients. So the stainless steel workbench is very easy to clean, as it does not have any troublesome corner or holes.



Furniture for gastronomy GastroProdukt Professional - Stainless steel furniture and their use?

High-quality gastronomic furniture made of stainless steel acid-resistant facilitate the work in any gastronomic kitchen. Stainless steel furniture is very versatile, so we can use it in a variety of ways. Place the stainless steel catering table and spread out chopping boards, knives and other kitchen utensils necessary to prepare the food on the work surface. Dining tables with a rim is very practical to use containers to store ingredients in the kitchen. In this way, we achieve first-class organization and make sure that everything is in its place.


Stainless steel furniture GastroProdukt Professional - Stainless steel furniture, i.e. acid-resistant gastronomic tables and their types?

The gastronomic table made of stainless steel with an acid-resistant edge is always selected to suit the needs of the gastronomic kitchen or hotel laundry room. in a given room. GastroProdukt Professional offers gastronomic tables in various sizes. We can choose larger variants of stainless furniture with a length of e.g. 2000mm or choose a more popular one dimension of the stainless table with a length of 1500mm. Our gastronomic furniture acid-resistant furniture also has a different depth and is available in the 600mm and 700mm standard.



Stainless steel GastroProdukt Professional - Stainless steel furniture, how to properly maintain?

When buying acid-resistant stainless steel furniture, we can enjoy many solutions and benefits in every gastronomic kitchen, which are also pleasant for easy maintenance. Fortunately, the catering table does not take long to clean. It is enough to wipe the surface of the countertop with a damp cloth, we remove most of the dirt from crumbs or food residues. Then it is advisable to disinfect the surface with appropriate detergents for stainless steel and only that much.

GastroProdukt Professional stainless steel furniture - The future for your business!


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