The Grandimpianti ILE industrial washing machine is the first, most important and most frequently used machine in professional laundries. The entire washing process begins with an industrial washing machine, and therefore an industrial washing machine should be a device ideally selected in terms of parameters and functionality. What are the characteristics of an industrial washing machine, how to use all its possibilities and why it is worth taking the time to choose it properly.





GP | Characteristics of Grandimpianti ILE industrial washing machines

Each industrial device is designed and made for use in continuous operation or with small breaks during operation. It is no different in the case of an industrial washing machine, which is also a device made for continuous operation.

The Grandimpianti ILE industrial washing machine will find its application in various industries. In addition to service laundries, it is an indispensable device in production plants, hotels, restaurants, industrial plants, as well as in companies and institutions where there is a specific type of clothing.

Professional washing machines have different characteristics than well-known household appliances. You can see the differences in the construction of the device at first glance. Very massive, powerful industrial washing machines are based on a heavy bed and a structure that is able to ensure stability of even several dozen kilograms of laundry inside the drum. In addition, the device is most often equipped with a powerful motor and a capacious drum, which allows you to increase the amount of laundry.

The very characteristics of the process are also different. Washing is supposed to be fast but also effective, hence the system that allows you to work at very high speed, which also affects the spinning of the laundry and thus shortens the drying time.

GP | How to get the most out of the Grandimpianti ILE industrial washing machine

The Grandimpianti ILE industrial washing machine, as a professional device for industrial use, is designed for continuous operation. Thus, in order to take full advantage of the washing machine's capabilities, it is necessary to ensure that it operates at least two shifts a day. However, this is not the only condition.

From the point of view of the proper use of the functionality of a given model of industrial washing machine, it is very important to select it according to the needs. Choosing a weaker device, due to its lower price, can be as harmful as choosing a device that is too powerful and cannot be fully used.

When equipping an industrial laundry and purchasing a washing machine, you should:

  • take into account the amount of daily washing that will have to be washed in the washing machine and compare it with the capabilities of the device,
  • check potential washing programs, as not every type of laundry is the same due to different soiling,
  • choose a device that meets the requirements related to the type of clothing and potential contamination.

Using 80% of the device's capabilities, as well as all its functionalities, allows for the complete use of the device and thus the certainty that the funds have been properly invested.

Grandimpianti ILE industrial washing machine