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GastroProdukt Professional - The future for your business

GastroProdukt - many years of experience and a wide offer

GastroProdukt is a family business founded in 2010. For over a decade, every day we have been gathering experience and knowledge about the needs of the laundry and catering and catering industries. Thanks to this, we can distribute and produce professional equipment and accessories of the highest quality that respond to real needs. We welcome entrepreneurs from the production, service and HoReCa sectors from all over Poland and abroad.

The GastroProdukt Professional brand offers a wide range of products, refined in every respect. We offer catering equipment, machines for the laundry industry, useful tools, accessories and even chemicals. All our articles are made of the highest quality materials, and their design is not only aesthetic, but also ergonomic and practical. We have large stocks, so you can count on the availability of products even in the case of larger orders.

The highest quality of products and customer service

As a responsible producer, we strive to conduct our business in the most ecological way possible. We not only comply with the regulations and requirements, but also apply solutions limiting the harmful impact on the environment. In production, we optimize electricity consumption, use photovoltaics, take care of the proper disposal of waste, etc. Our products also contribute to the fight for a better tomorrow for our planet - electrical devices have a high energy efficiency class, and are very durable and have an exceptionally long service life.

Since we always put customer satisfaction first, we guarantee the highest level of service. We offer comprehensive consulting support. Not only do we help you choose the equipment, but we can also participate in the design of the entire catering and laundry facilities. We have an extensive network of qualified specialists who have extensive knowledge and experience. They are happy to answer questions and dispel any doubts.

Professional, individual approach

Our company also runs its own service throughout the country, which is why we support our clients even many years after the purchase. We work with the best specialists who are able to find the optimal solution in every situation. They can quickly restore the equipment to full working order, thanks to which we minimize the inconvenience related to the failure. One call is enough - the service technicians will come to the address indicated, so there is no need to transport large, heavy machines anywhere. If the repair is more difficult, we will transport the equipment to the workshop ourselves. We will try to return it as soon as possible, and in exceptional cases we can even provide a replacement device.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of the GastroProdukt Professional store. We provide not only proprietary products, but also equipment of renowned Italian and American brands, such as Venix, Slayer Espresso or Grandimpianti ILE. We supply customers from Poland and the entire European Union. Invest in equipment that will allow you to develop your company and use its full potential!

Having a decade of experience and knowledge about the needs of the hotel sector accumulated every day.


GastroProdukt Professional offers a wide range of products under one brand.

We deliver within the EU