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GastroProdukt Professional refrigerated display cabinet - Glass refrigerated cabinet

It is not without reason that people also eat with their eyes. The sense of sight also plays an important role in culinary arts – Here, too, what matters is the composition, good color, but also the exposure in front of the client. Appetizing-looking foods can seduce our mind and make us decide on them. Well-presented menu items have a much better chance of finding their admirers. We would like to present to you a wide selection of glass refrigerated cabinets and display cabinets, which will make the food placed in them look attractive and appetizing. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the varied offer of refrigerated cabinets on the GastroProdukt.pl website



Glazed refrigerated display cabinets - feel the pleasant coolód

Glazed refrigerated cabinets and glazed refrigerated display cabinets , included in our assortment, are an inseparable element of a good cafe, confectionery, but also recommended bars, tables, restaurants, and many others eating places. In fact, they will find their place wherever it is possible to choose meals by viewing specific dishes and products. Made of durable and resistant to mechanical damage and moisture materials, such as plastics, stainless steel or glass, they minimize the possibility of failure or rust. Glass refrigerated display cabinets by GastroProdukt Professional have been designed so that they are very aesthetic, and at the same time do not distract from their content. Illuminated LED panels inside the refrigerators help to ensure proper exposure. Glass cabinets and cabinets are easy to use, and their maintenance is not a problem. Some models allow for easy height adjustment of the panels, which increases their usability. The GastroProdukt Professional offer includes a wide range of gastronomic appliances and accessories. You can find out about the full list of their possibilities by browsing our website or by contacting our customer advisors. Our consultants will certainly answer any questions related to the selection of kitchen equipment and will help you make the optimal choice.


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Refrigerated Display Cabinet - What can we use refrigerated display cases for?

The refrigerated display can be used to store and display various food items at the right temperature. GastroProdukt Professional refrigerated showcases, we can store, for example, aperitifs, salads, fruit, drinks, etc. A refrigerated showcase is therefore not only a way to store food products at low temperatures, but also for their unconventional presentation. The refrigerated display is also ideal for displaying bottles or cans.


GastroProdukt Professional glass cooling display

Cooling showcases GastroProdukt is primarily very aesthetic and functional refrigeration devices. These are also luxurious refrigerated display cabinets with a stainless steel housing. The interior is also made of stainless steel.

In order to provide customers with a clear view of the products placed in the refrigerated display cabinet, the front door of the device is glazed and illuminated by an LED system. At the rear, the cooling display has a cooling unit that is not visible to the customer.


Glass refrigerated cabinet


GastroProdukt glazed refrigeration cabinet - Cooling display

The glazed refrigerated cabinet is intended only for storing food products with the possibility of presenting the product to customers. This means that the food product can be sold directly from the refrigerated display cabinet. The glazed refrigerated cabinet has a static refrigeration system, which ensures that the refrigerated display will always meet the customer's needs.


GastroProdukt Professional refrigeration display cabinets - glazed refrigerating cabinet

Whether the refrigerated display case GastroProdukt will be useful in your gastronomic establishment or grocery store depends on your business profile and the necessary space for placing a refrigerated cabinet. Refrigerated display will certainly increase the interest in selling the products in our devices on display. Moreover, by choosing our refrigerated display cabinets, you can be sure that you are buying the highest quality products and components.


Cooling display case - Refrigerators, freezers and glazed refrigerated cabinet in professional gastronomy

Professional gastronomy requires the use of very professional equipment, including cooling equipment. Cooling equipment is understood as all kinds of cold stores, freezers, freezers, refrigerated display cabinets, glass refrigerated cabinets and transporters for transporting food with regulated temperature. It is a serious investment that, especially at the beginning of your business, is an important part of your budget. In this post, we will try to introduce the subject of cooling equipment to various branches of gastronomy.


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Glass refrigerated cabinet - Cooling equipment for restaurants and eateries

Let's start with the restaurants themselves and smaller gastronomy. When it comes to this industry, both the quality of the equipment itself, as well as the capacity, play a very important role, and its possession is required by certain regulations. Restaurants require equipment with:

  • refrigerated display case where, at a certain temperature, póproducts such as finished or half-finished meals will be stored for a short time;
  • freezer, food and product storage cabinet for a long time;
  • freezers, for long-term storage of large amounts of food products, such as meat;
  • refrigerated display case, for example for raw foods in fast food outlets.

Restaurants and smaller eateries have much greater needs than, for example, pastry shops or caterers, which can afford to buy strictly as needed and do not have to store as much food as restaurants.


Glass refrigerated cabinet


Cooling showcase - Equipment for pastry shops and companies selling food

The situation is somewhat different when it comes to equipment in the case of confectioneries and companies that sell food in stores and also offer catering. In this case, the investment is slightly smaller. All kinds of portable refrigerators are certainly useful for transporting food. It is a container, by means of a cooling cartridge, or in more modern solutions, by means of a battery, we can set a specific temperature.
In shops or in pastry shops or bakeries, confectionery is stored in special counters. The refrigerated display case has a built-in structure and works in a similar way to the refrigerator. Most confectionery products must be stored under certain conditions and temperature in order to retain their flavor and freshness. Refrigerated display confectionery allows you to achieve a low temperature and thus for professional storage of confectionery products.
Glazed refrigerated cabinet , freezers, refrigerated display cabinet, freezers or portable cooling equipment for gastronomy are a very important element of equipment. Saving on this aspect will have an impact not only on the functioning, but also on the quality of products, so it is better to invest in this equipment in a completely thought-out manner.


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