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Pizzeria equipment

The GastroProdukt company has been supplying pizzeria equipment to premises all over Poland for many years .. The products we sell are of the highest quality. We are able to provide our customers with everything that makes up the professional equipment of the pizzeria.
GastroProdukt is a company that aims to provide the best products, including:


  • machines and devices,
  • tools and accessories
  • specialized equipment,

aimed directly at professional gastronomy.

Pizzeria equipment - choose the perfect equipment!


Professional gastronomy also includes professional pizzerias and restaurants that serve pizza and related dishes. Our offer is aimed at them, including professional kitchen equipment necessary for the preparation, storage, serving and transport of pizzas. & Nbsp;


Pizzeria equipment


Pizzeria equipment - Professional machines and devices

GastroProdukt offers its customers only the best products from a carefully selected offer, which includes:

  • machines for making dough and pizza itself,
  • specialized furnaces,
  • high-quality devices ensuring easy preparation and packaging of pizzas,
  • devices to keep the dishes, pots and the workplace clean,
  • additional accessories such as pizza bags, pizza serving boards or specialized containers for dough or other ingredients.

The offer composed in this way allows us to reach our customers, i.e. restaurants and pizzerias, who want to be professional and serve the best dishes, including pizzas. 

Full range of equipment

We perfectly know the needs of our market and the requirements of our customers. Hence, we put great emphasis on the comprehensiveness of the offer. That is why there are both pizza ovens, powerful devices, such as small containers, for transporting or storing food. In a word, the offer is complete and includes everything you need to prepare, store, serve and deliver a fresh, delicious pizza. & Nbsp;


Our offer is directed to everyone who is looking for professional equipment. At the same time, our technical and sales advisers are ready to answer your questions. The equipment that we have at our disposal is equipment manufactured by an Italian company, a manufacturer of high-quality machines and catering equipment, thus ensuring access to the highest-class equipment. & Nbsp;


Pizzeria equipment

Professional pizzeria equipment – only at GastroProdukt

We have been operating on the catering market in Poland for years and we provide our clients, i.e. restaurants and eateries with the best products that allow them to create, store and transport the best dishes and the freshest ingredients.

One of the most important elements in our offer is equipment pizzeria and pizza places, both stationary and also & ldquo; to take away & rdquo ;. We have a very rich and extremely wide range, which will be perfect for a restaurant or pizzeria, allowing you to:

  • effective making pizza dough,
  • preparing a ready-made pizza,
  • component storage,
  • pizza delivery and transport,
  • storage of the finished pizza,
  • serving pizza to the table


Pizzeria equipment – the largest selection of the manufacturer GastroProdukt Professional

We offer a huge selection of equipment, machines, devices, accessories, furniture and everything that a pizzeria or restaurant needs.

We are able to offer you professional equipment, from a world-class manufacturer, which includes:

  • ovens for pizza baking and dough preparation,
  • special portions and rolling machines that allow you to prepare the dough,
  • tables and kitchen equipment for the preparation, storage and serving of pizza,
  • presses and spiral mixers, allowing you to prepare the dough yourself,
  • special additional equipment such as trays, dishes, boxes,
  • equipment for the preparation and storage of additives.

All this is available in our offer and allows you to fully equip pizzerias as well as pizza restaurants.


Pizzeria equipment

Pizzeria equipment – full potential

Our experience and knowledge over the years have allowed us to compose a very rich offer related to the equipment of gastronomic establishments, including pizzeria equipment. This, in turn, guaranteed us to provide our customers with the best equipment available on the market.

Each product we offer is a professional product intended for professional use in restaurants and gastronomic establishments.

In case of any questions or doubts, we remain at your disposal.


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