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GP | Planetary mixer - application and functionality in professional gastronomy

Specialist equipment in the kitchen of gastronomic establishments is the basis of its proper functioning. The selection of equipment, its effective use, as well as maintenance and inspections, allow…
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GP | The design and capabilities of an industrial waffle iron - that is, how this equipment is made

The industrial waffle iron is a device that has been designed and constructed with professional gastronomy in mind.
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GP | Gastronomic waffle maker - modern, functional and economical

A waffle maker is a device that many of us have in our home. Poles like waffles, especially in summer, when you can add a lot of fruit to them, mix them with ice cream or interesting…
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GP | A specialized cooling display case - an effective display of deliciousness

A refrigerated display case is a device that can be found not only in professional gastronomy. Even there, they are used very often. However, it is equipment that can also be successfully…
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GP | Confectionery oven - perfect pastries and deep flavor

Professional confectionery products have been enjoying unflagging popularity for hundreds of years. The best confectionery masters earn a fortune, own their products and offer an amazing and…
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GP | Planetary mixer for confectionery, bakery and confectionery - indispensable tool

There is no room for half measures in professional gastronomy. Yes, the selection and purchase of equipment is associated with a huge expense, but saving on equipment always affects the quality,…
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GP | Planetary mixer in professional gastronomy

Modern technology also has a strong influence on professional gastronomy. Modern devices, machines, equipment, dishes and even cutlery allow you to prepare dishes better, faster and without…
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GP | Refrigerated display case - aesthetic, safe and convenient to use

Professional gastronomy requires the use of professional and modern equipment. Modern equipment ensures freshness, convenience of preparation, thermal processing and food storage.
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GP | Bakery oven - structure, operation and functionality

Today, bread baking has become not only the domain of bakeries, but also grocery stores, eateries, and even small eateries. You can prepare your own bread either thanks to deep-frozen products or…
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