In every restaurant, in most small fast food bars, and even in food trucks, the gastronomic fryer is a very important element of the equipment. Poles love fries, often buying them as an appetizer, as a meal or as an addition to a meal. No wonder that potato peelers or a gastronomic fryer are devices that simply must be in a professional kitchen.

A good fryer is not only for frying fries, you can easily fry other dishes in it. The advantage is that it allows for thermal processing carried out in deep fat, which gives taste, tenderness and delicacy to the dishes prepared there.

How does a gastronomic fryer work, what is its use and why it is worth investing in one. We invite you to read our blog and learn about the possibilities of this simple device.

GP | Gastronomic fryer - construction and technical parameters

A good quality gastronomic fryer is the basis of any business related to cooking and gastronomy. It is a relatively simple device that allows you to fry potatoes and not only in deep oil. A typical catering fryer consists of:

  • a heating module, built into the body, responsible for heating the oil to high temperature,
  • a cold zone that prevents food from burning,
  • chambers with oil heated to high temperature,
  • handles and covers that allow you to safely remove products or place them inside and cover the fryer chambers,
  • body, most often made of stainless steel, to protect against burns and damage to the device.

The parameters of a typical catering fryer depend on its model and, of course, the price. Professional fryers are those whose power is higher than 2kW. They can have one or two chambers. Each of the chambers should have a certain capacity for oil, in this case it is assumed that the smallest professional fryers should have a minimum of 3 liter chambers.

Of course, for the very operation and setting of such a fryer, the external dimensions are also important, as well as the efficiency of frying itself in the amount of finished product per hour.

GP | Gastronomic fryer - wide range of applications

Experienced chefs and cooks know very well how widely used gastronomic fryers. These are not only devices for frying French fries, although it is their main functionality. In a good quality fryer, you can:

  • fry fish and seafood directly in deep oil,
  • fry chicken and other meats in deep breadcrumbs, making them tender and tender,
  • fry vegetables with or without breading, using deep oil.

The wide use of the gastronomic fryer allows it to be fully used in any kitchen, be it a large restaurant or a small gastronomic establishment. A good deep fryer, regularly cleaned with fresh oil, makes it very convenient to prepare virtually any type of dish that requires frying. Chefs and cooks know very well that this equipment is the basis of equipment in all conditions.

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