Industrial laundries are places where contact with dirt is on the agenda. Washing clothes involves contact with germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi and numerous substances potentially harmful to health. It is one thing to protect the people who handle the laundry. Masks, special gloves and coveralls. The second issue is disinfection and cleanliness in the laundry. Appropriate disinfection of devices and equipment, and the cleanliness of flat surfaces. It is worth knowing how to take care of it.

GP | Laundry chemicals for disinfecting and cleaning equipment

Specialized laundry chemicals are used not only for washing clothes. It is not only responsible for assisting the washing, but is also responsible for disinfecting and cleaning the washing machine.

An industrial washing machine is a device in which a huge amount of dirt is collected. Unfortunately, we cannot remove them manually without disassembling individual elements of the washing machine. The only solution is specialized disinfection chemicals. Industrial laundries often work 24 hours a day. This makes it difficult to find time to clean and maintain them. Meanwhile, in a washing machine, bacteria that can be dangerous to health, not to mention microorganisms that can cause allergies, often accumulate.

The use of laundry chemicals to disinfect and clean industrial washing machines is convenient, cheap and fast. Convenient because the active chemistry independently performs its task, activating and disinfecting the inside of the washing machine.

An industrial washing machine that is not regularly cleaned is a device that not only poses a health risk, but is also not fully functional due to dirt in the drum, lines or filter. Therefore, cleaning the washing machine with chemicals is not so much advisable as necessary.

GP | Inspections of industrial washing machines and their maintenance

Industrial laundries are laundries in which the amount of clothing and fabrics processed is enormous. No wonder that manufacturers clearly define when it is necessary to carry out full service and maintenance activities in their laundry equipment. This keeps the appliance in good condition and ensures excellent washing quality.

The maintenance and inspection of an industrial washing machine also includes its cleaning. It is mainly about getting rid of dirt from:

  • filters that may get clogged,
  • cables that become clogged over time, reducing the amount of water,
  • the washing machine drum and what is in its vicinity,
  • pumps and components responsible for water supply and flow.

Mechanical cleaning of the washing machine is as important as keeping it clean with regard to the use of laundry detergents. An uncleaned washing machine is a health hazard, as well as the possibility of causing a defect. Keeping your laundry clean is very important because of the amount of germs that can potentially be there, and because of the responsibility for the health of those who will use your clothes while working.

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