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GP | Spiral mixers and robots for making heavy doughs

Restaurants, pastry shops, bakeries, pizzerias, dough is made everywhere from these places, and in large quantities. A cake that is intended to be used to bake any kind of dish, including pizza,…
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GP | Professional cooling table for pizza and more

In professional gastronomy, the key is the correct storage of ingredients, and the storage of all products, and even ready-made meals. Hence, refrigeration is so well developed in the catering…
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GP | Wood-fired pizza ovens - advantages, disadvantages and connection method

Delicious pizza, we love it right? It seems to be a simple, quick and tasty dish. This is actually the case, but in order to prepare them and get it right, you need to remember about the…
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GP | Oven for the production of pizza in professional gastronomy - what to choose to make it cheap and tasty

Even in the era of a pandemic, local pizzerias, thanks to the take-away action, have done quite well financially. Nevertheless, it is already visible how hard the pandemic has hit the entire…
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GP | Good, tasty and healthy pizza - from what oven?

Pizza has become one of the favorite dishes of Poles many years ago. No wonder that we have successfully adopted Italian and American pizzerias, as well as all other varieties of this cake with…
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GP | How to choose a pizza oven and basic pizzeria equipment

Running your own pizzeria is quite a lucrative business, also in the pandemic era when pizza is the best-selling take-out. Nevertheless, opening a pizzeria nowadays is a risky move. If…
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Piec do pizzy

GP | Pizza oven - Own premises - fast food, pizzeria or maybe something else?

In a pandemic, the decision to open your own restaurant has to be several times more thoughtful. Nevertheless, the pandemic currently offers some opportunities in the catering industry as the…
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Wałkownica do ciasta

GP | Pizza dough and more - the secrets of your own dough

Gone are the days when we made our own dough for pasta, pizza or other dishes. Today we buy ready-made pasta and pizza dough can be bought in every supermarket. Meanwhile, making your own cake is…
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Wyposażenie pizzerii

GP | Own, small pizzeria - premises equipment

At a time when running a restaurant is a really big challenge, few people opening a business decide to go in this direction. Unfortunately, the industry has gotten as risky as…
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