The industrial waffle iron is a device that has been designed and constructed with professional gastronomy in mind.

Professional gastronomy in the case of dishes such as waffles:

  • restaurants serving waffles as a dessert dish,
  • cafes where you can eat waffles tasty with coffee,
  • pastry shops where you can buy waffles,
  • fast food restaurants, fast food and the like,
  • food trucks, which are often the so-called seasonal business.

Waffles are a popular dish, especially as a seasonal dish, so there is a great demand for them at this time. If you want to meet this demand, you should equip yourself with a suitable waffle iron. Adequate, that is, just constructed for such a situation. The industrial waffle iron is a device for professional use. In this article, we will tell you how it is built, what possibilities it has and how it differs from a classic waffle iron.





GP | The design of the industrial waffle iron - special features

When it comes to the construction of the industrial waffle iron, it is distinguished by several very important features that are not found in home waffle irons. These are:

  • solid and compact structure, based on a cast iron "bed" and cast iron grates that can be made of aluminum,
  • raw construction, a professional waffle iron does not have to look, it has to be functional,
  • heavy and chunky in shape, the industrial waffle iron is rather much larger in size.

What is important in a waffle iron intended for gastronomy is its interior. Contrary to simple home waffle irons, this one is equipped with a solid, cast-iron bed, resistant to long-term exposure to high temperatures, so that even after many years of use, the structure itself does not change dimensions and does not warp. Heating plates also made of cast iron or of special forged aluminum.

The industrial waffle iron uses high-power heaters. The average power of the heaters in such a waffle iron is 3000W, but you can easily find there even heaters with a total power exceeding 5000W. And the last element, very characteristic for industrial waffle irons, is control and electronics. A good industrial waffle iron has separate control for each hotplate, a special temperature sensor, precise temperature control and a thermostat.

GP | Possibilities and their use in an industrial waffle iron

The industrial waffle maker has much more possibilities than its home counterpart. It has been designed to make it possible to make a large number of waffles at the same time and to be able to work continuously. Anyway, to take full advantage of the capabilities of such a waffle iron, you have to count that it will produce up to several hundred waffles every day.

The high power of the waffle iron gives great opportunities in terms of its use and speed of work. A good waffle iron allows you to produce several hundred waffles a day, without unnecessary risk of overheating or damage due to constant high temperature. The use of good quality components, appropriate design and proper use are a guarantee of many years of operation of the industrial waffle iron, all thanks to the latest technology used in design and production.

Industrial waffle maker