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GP | Characteristics and use of the possibilities of an industrial washing machine

The Grandimpianti ILE industrial washing machine is the first, most important and most frequently used appliance in professional laundries. The entire washing process begins with an industrial…
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GP | Disinfection and cleanliness in an industrial laundry

Industrial laundries are places where contact with dirt is on the agenda. Washing clothes involves contact with germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi and numerous substances potentially harmful to health.…
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GP | Mangle, ironing machine - parameters and application

In a professional laundry, both service and industrial, as well as operating directly at the workplace, hotel or restaurant, it is important not only to wash, but also to iron washed clothes,…
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GP | Industrial washing machine - technical data and energy efficiency

Industrial devices are devices that are designed to provide enormous opportunities related to the processing or performance of specific tasks. A device from the industrial category is to be…
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GP | Industrial and electric power steering gear - parameters, possibilities and savings

Each device of an industrial nature is a device that is designed and made for continuous operation. These devices are supposed to earn for themselves, sometimes they are devices that constitute…
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GP | Industrial dryer - is it worth investing in and how to use it?

Each professional laundry, whether in-house, hotel or service, consists of a number of devices whose joint operation is to enable the efficient operation of the entire laundry.
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GP | Laundry equipment in boarding houses, hotels and other tourist facilities

The tourism industry is one of the most difficult service industries. With the current competition and the current standards, it is very difficult to meet customer expectations, which are constantly…
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GP | Industrial mangle - application and possibilities

The electric ironer is a device that was used already in the 19th century, when it had the same function as it does today - it ironed tablecloths, bed sheets, curtains and even carpets.
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GP | Industrial washing machine and domestic washing machine - differences and work efficiency

An industrial washing machine is a device that is designed and manufactured to work in difficult conditions, washing clothes at very high temperatures, using high rotational speeds of the drum.…
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