A waffle maker is a device that many of us have in our home. Poles like waffles, especially in summer, when you can add a lot of fruit to them, mix them with ice cream or interesting toppings. Waffles are a very important component of local gastronomy, because they are sold in cafes, pastry shops, small restaurants as well as in so-called food trucks.


A good gastronomic waffle maker is a device that allows you to prepare delicious waffles in large quantities. They are characterized above all by very high quality of workmanship, speed of work, ergonomics and easy operation. We will tell you about how it works, what it is characterized by and what functions a good gastronomic waffle iron should have in this article.

GP | Gastronomic waffle maker - modern, durable and "fast" device

What is expected of professional catering equipment? Of course, reliability, durability and fast and effective work. It is no different in the case of gastronomic waffle irons. They are not bought to make them permanent and look beautiful, although the appearance is certainly important, they are bought so that they prepare as many waffles as possible in terms of time, be it hourly or 10 minutes. Efficiency is the key word that always defines a gastronomic waffle iron.


Another key word is modernity. Modernity, i.e. innovative functions, modern design and intuitive operation. Ideally all-in-one, because the equipment for professional gastronomy must be fast, modern and at the same time good-looking and easy to use.


Durability and a long warranty are other elements expected by the owners of gastronomic points when buying a professional waffle iron. A gastronomic waffle iron, as a device for professional use, must be not only fast and modern, but also durable. Extended warranty, i.e. a minimum of 3 years, resistance to damage, as well as errors made by the service personnel. In the case of professional equipment, access to professional equipment service is also very important.

GP | Gastronomic waffle maker - functionality and ergonomics of work

A gastronomic waffle maker is a device for baking waffles in large quantities. It is not a home appliance that is turned on once a week and makes a few or a dozen waffles in it. The task of the gastronomic device is to bake several hundred waffles every day and it is possible on a normal day during the season. Hence, the functionality of the device and ergonomics of its work are important.


Functionality is understood as:

  • access to a wide range of device functions that facilitate, improve or speed up work,
  • the ability to perform many different activities on a given device, for example, hard-baked or soft-baked waffles, with thin or thick dough,
  • having many facilities by the device, such as temperature control, control of the condition of the dough or baking time.

Functionality is one of the many advantages, and the other is ergonomics. Ergonomics is understood primarily as saving energy, operating efficiency and saving time, and thus - also money. Of course, a gastronomic waffle maker is a powerful device, hence the consumption of electricity is higher, but if this consumption translates into appropriate speed and functionality of work, then it means that the device is primarily ergonomic and characterized by high efficiency.


It would seem that such simple equipment is rather an addition to the entire arrangement of the kitchen facilities. Meanwhile, experienced managers and chefs know that any equipment should be efficient, effective, functional and economical. Then all kitchen facilities are also like that, hence this is expected from a gastronomic waffle maker.


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