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GP | Mangle, ironing machine - parameters and application

In a professional laundry, both service and industrial, as well as operating directly at the workplace, hotel or restaurant, it is important not only to wash, but also to iron washed clothes,…
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GP | Using, cleaning and maintenance of meat processing machines

Meat is an essential part of the diet of many Poles. It is true that today there are more and more vegetarian restaurants, but let us remember that meat is still a key element of food in our…
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GP | Specialist washing and cleaning equipment in professional gastronomy

The catering industry has always been the one that required perfect cleanliness and hygiene. This was due not only to the regulations, which are very strict and which clearly define what standards…
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GP | Stainless steel furniture - tables, cabinets, shelves, where and how to use them

The catering, food and food processing industries have always been under the microscope when it comes to sanitary, hygienic and epidemiological issues. Huge, often very stringent requirements meant…
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GP | Specialized equipment for small, medium and large gastronomy

The catering industry, like any other, requires the use and use of very specialized tools and devices. Dedicated, i.e. designed and made especially for this industry, machines are often essential…
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GP | Confectionery oven - perfect pastries and deep flavor

Professional confectionery products have been enjoying unflagging popularity for hundreds of years. The best confectionery masters earn a fortune, own their products and offer an amazing and…
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GP | Planetary mixer for confectionery, bakery and confectionery - indispensable tool

There is no room for half measures in professional gastronomy. Yes, the selection and purchase of equipment is associated with a huge expense, but saving on equipment always affects the quality,…
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GP | Convection and convection steam oven - operation and differences

The convection oven is a device that was created in the 20th century, and its invention was the result of the growing demand for professional solutions in gastronomy. The convection oven was…
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GP | Gastronomy kitchen - a device necessary in professional gastronomy

A gastronomic kitchen, a device that resembles the well-known cooker with an oven. It reminds us, because industrial gastronomic kitchens are devices for professional use, necessary…
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