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Gastronomy dishwashers

Gastronomy dishwashers available in the GastroProdukt.pl offer are professional equipment dedicated to restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, etc. Fast and economical dishwashing is the basis in this industry. With the help of appropriate devices, you can quickly and hygienically take care of the tableware and kitchen equipment.

GastroProdukt dishwashers - Zmywarko gastronomic steamer


Thanks to the gastronomic dishwashers we offer, the operation of the premises is much easier. Our equipment is as economical as possible, easy to use and safe. All models are made of high quality material, incl. of ASISI 204 stainless steel. Perfect for many years, even with intensive use. They show high resistance to moisture, chemicals and other external factors. They have convenient control panels and many additional functions, including those suitable for the most delicate glass or other demanding dishes. They allow you to save water, time and electricity. They are extremely effective in removing even stubborn dirt, grease and food residues, scalding and shining the cleaned surfaces.


GastroProdukt Professional dishwasher - Steaming dishwasher

A gastronomic dishwasher is an extremely important element of kitchen or backroom equipment. An investment in such professional equipment translates into the image of the premises and customer satisfaction, and also helps to meet certain sanitary requirements. In practice, it is essential – washing by hand is too costly, slow, and inaccurate. In our offer you will find a wide selection of devices in various dimensions, adapted to specific expectations or conditions. We have dishwashers for glasses, dishes, trays and pots, and even bakery baskets.

The GastroProdukt.pl product range also includes all the necessary accessories, such as adapted furniture, polishers, water conditioners /softeners, drainers and chemicals. During one purchase, you can complete all the necessary accessories. Familiarize yourself with our offer and choose the perfect catering dishwasher for your restaurant! If you have any questions or need advice – contact us!


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