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GastroProdukt Professional laundry machines - Hotel laundry in nowadays

Our factory in Sospirolo Italy has been operating in the laundry industry since 1972, offering a complete range of industrial laundry equipment for washing, drying and ironing. Over 40 years spent researching the ultimate textile care solution which has led us to develop several important patents such as DWS – dynamic weighing system. We know that the spinning of fabrics is a complex process that depends on several aspects: efficient machines, type of textiles, water and detergents. Due to the knowledge, skills and technologies that we have acquired since the 1970s, we have managed to develop the perfect combination of these elements, offering solutions that guarantee the best possible results. Therefore, we offer our clients the highest quality equipment for dry cleaning, water laundry or hotel laundry


hotel laundry


In line with new business trends | Laundry machines - Hotel laundry

Laundry machines | Hotel Laundry - The market is constantly changing. Now people are asking for smartness, speed, and just one click solution! So we also feel the need to change. Our history is indeed a path strewn with tests, tests, new materials and innovative patents. We are ready for a new step on this path!

We are a benchmark in the context of efficient and technologically advanced washing, drying and ironing. Our laundry machines are characterized by high reliability, excellent quality, low energy consumption and minimal maintenance costs. We offer professional laundry equipment designed for various industries and nbsp; needs.


Industrial laundries - We know how to read market signals.

Industrial Laundries - Technology transfer is essential to our work. You try to integrate new products and innovations from several fields (technology, automotive, home automation, communication) is one of our guiding principles. This idea allows us to see things a different way and turn ideas into real products. The world is always connected, intelligent and fast, and our equipment is ready for it.


Laundry equipment | Industrial laundries

Laundry facilities | Industrial Laundries available in the GastroProdukt.pl offer are the highest quality laundry equipment. We produce equipment used for washing, drying and ironing, dedicated to various industries. They are perfect for water /dry laundries, as well as hotel and hospital laundries. They help quickly, and at the same time professionally and safely take care of various textiles.

In our store you will find all the necessary laundry machines, accessories and even chemicals. With the help of our washing machines you will achieve amazing results that will translate into the satisfaction of your customers. We offer a variety of industrial washing machines and  industrial dryers , adapted to different conditions. We also manufacture ironers, professional ironing tables, heat sealers for packing clothes and a number of other useful equipment. We only use high-quality materials for their production. This makes them durable and reliable. They perfectly withstand even very intensive use, without causing any problems for many years.


laundry equipment

Laundry facilities | Laundry machines - Hotel laundry

Laundry facilities | Laundry Machines should be simple to use, effective and reliable. At GastroProdukt.pl, we use our many years of experience to create products that meet all expectations and requirements. We also use the latest technologies. The equipment we offer is efficient, and at the same time energy-saving. As a result, it is ecological and generates minimal maintenance costs.

Although GastroProdukt.pl products are extremely technologically advanced, they are also easy to use. They have many additional amenities that facilitate work and guarantee complete safety. With their help, you can professionally take care of hygiene, cleanliness, and the beautiful appearance of various textiles, in – clothes, bedding or interior fittings. Cleaning and caring for fabrics is a difficult process, but our products are extremely practical and effective. They will allow you to get the best possible results that will delight your customers. Do you have any questions about the selected washing machine? Contact us!


Hotel laundry equipment - industrial laundries

Neat and clean clothes is a very important visit. In particular, in the case of service-related activities and in the case of the provision of services, in which you are in close contact with another person. That is why in hotels, boarding houses, motels or any type of place that provides accommodation services, there is so much emphasis on employees being properly dressed. Regular washing and cleaning as well as changing clothes is therefore essential to keeping the clothes of employees in perfect condition.


Hotel laundry - Washing machine, mangle and what else

If we want to provide hotel or motel employees with appropriate conditions, we should first of all focus on equipping the employees' laundry, in this case the hotel laundry. Remember that:

  • in the hotel laundry service it is possible to provide services to clients and guests of the hotel,
  • the laundry room is for washing tablecloths, bedding, curtains, curtains
  • A hotel laundry should be a place that works continuously, otherwise it is better to outsource.


laundry machines


Equipment of the laundry hotel is primarily an industrial washing machine, i.e. one that is adapted to washing a large amount of clothes and fabrics in a continuous mode. For the whole to work properly, it is also necessary:

  • a good quality ironer that will allow you to iron the fabrics,
  • ironing table,
  • a suitable drying device, it could be an industrial dryer,
  • A device to help you fold ironed clothes and fabrics.

A hotel laundry equipped in such a way with laundry machines and other laundry equipment, allows you to effectively wash not only the clothes of employees. Full laundry equipment is expensive, but it allows us to provide professional and reliable services also for the clients of the hotel.

When it comes to  equipment for industrial laundry , i.e. one operating in workplaces or hotels, you should not save on equipment. However, it is worth investing in it properly and enjoy this type of professional solution for years to come. GastroProdukt Professional industrial laundries are the highest quality in the laundry market.


Laundry equipment - Wavy system intelligent hotel laundry at your fingertips

The Wavy System is a new, user-friendly interactive and touchscreen interface that provides fast information for programming and monitoring laundry appliances in a virtual manner. Inspired by the high-tech world, the Wavy System harnesses the potential of an application language to facilitate the daily work of industrial laundry. It is an essential laundry equipment control system that speaks your language, not only in the literal sense, but because it adapts to the level of the user.


GastroProdukt Professional laundry machines - Welcome to the revolution 4.0 in the world of industrial washing

Why is the name of the GastroProdukt Laundry Control System Wavy? as it is an international name, it is shortened too easily to pronounce and remember. A catchy name that reflects the essence of our new laundry control system that is fast and very simple to use in everyday life. Also, the Weva logo is the result of a specific choice, which is the styling of a finger by pressing the app.

Our society has changed a lot in the last few years! Words such as app, smartphone, social media and saving photos or videos in the so-called cloud are now part of our daily lives. So, in this new world of laundry machines, we felt the necessity to change the communication of laundry appliances, offering the right answer to the new demands of our customers in the laundry industry. And the answer is only one: laundry equipment only and only with the Wavy system


laundry equipment


Wavy hotel laundry - fast and simple as a smartphone

The Wavy control panel of the GastroProdukt laundry machines is as simple as operating a regular tablet. The Wavy system will revolutionize your work in an industrial laundry. Its design and functionality are inspired by a tablet or smartphone. Our new washing machine control system, thanks to the icons, works like an application on a tablet or smartphone. Now all you have to do is press any icon with the appropriate program for your laundry machine, and Wavy will do the rest for you!

Laundry equipment in the Wavy system is the future of your industrial laundry!


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