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Confectionery equipment

The bakery oven is the heart of every self-respecting bakery and confectionery. GastroProdukt Professional ovens are equipment for professionals, originating from a country where the culinary passion has been instilled in the hearts of people for ages. sunny Italy. Bakery ovens are an obligatory element of confectionery equipment . Those offered on our website have several components, which allow you to bake various types of cakes – croissants, breads, casseroles, and even pizza. Good visibility of the baking process is possible thanks to the large, glass, adjustable door with a double glazing. The device ensures an appropriate circulation of hot air inside. The furnaces are made of painted stainless steel and allow you to regulate the temperature up to 500 degrees Celsius. The order includes a two-chamber bakery oven with fireclay in each part of the chamber, a growth chamber and a hood with a fan and speed control. The stove ensures optimal temperature maintenance thanks to the insulation with mineral wool and the door seal. Equipment for confectionery offered by GastroProdukt Professional makes preparing hot meals a pure pleasure, not to mention consumption. The old baking methods are moving away, now everything is done quickly and hygienically, and most importantly, safely.

Confectionery equipment – wide range of products, from ice cream to hot pastries

Equipment for confectionery in the offer of the website GastroProdukt.pl is not only confectionery ovens. We invite you to read the specification of the remaining equipment. The assortment also includes: table dough rollers, free-standing electric rolling machines, cooling and heating shop windows, cooling cabinets, baking ovens, convection-steam ovens, mixers and display counters. In a word, everything that is necessary for the customer to enjoy fresh, good-quality products that will make life gain flavor and aroma. Confectionery equipment , which will satisfy the most demanding palates, can be found at GastroProdukt.pl.


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