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GP | Convection steam oven - high quality dishes and low operating costs

A professional combi steamer is a "treasure" of every restaurant. Chefs who know and understand this technology perfectly know how to use the possibilities of…
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GP | Professional deep fryer - use in a professional kitchen

In every restaurant, in most small fast food bars, and even in food trucks, the gastronomic fryer is a very important element of the equipment. Poles love French fries, often buying them as an…
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GP | Approximate costs of equipping a professional kitchen - that is, what expense you have to be ready for

Opening your own professional restaurant is very expensive. Mainly, this cost is based on the interior design, interior equipment and, finally, the most important - kitchen equipment and kitchen…
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GP | Refrigerated cabinets - application, structure and mode of operation

Professional refrigeration equipment is devices that are used in a very wide range in the catering and food industry. At the same time, professional refrigeration equipment can be divided…
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GP | Convection and convection steam oven - operation and differences

The convection oven is a device that was created in the 20th century, and its invention was the result of the growing demand for professional solutions in gastronomy. The convection oven was…
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GP | Gastronomy kitchen - a device necessary in professional gastronomy

A gastronomic kitchen, a device that resembles the well-known cooker with an oven. It reminds us, because industrial gastronomic kitchens are devices for professional use, necessary…
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GP | French fries are always in fashion - how to use this simple dish

French fries, who doesn't like them? It's simple, nutritious, tasty and unfortunately - unhealthy dish comes from Belgium, where potatoes, cut into so-called sticks, were fried in deep beef…
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GP | Convection steam oven in professional gastronomy - why is it worth it

How is the success of a restaurant measured? Money, satisfied guests, time spent on the market, regular customers? In part, the result of success is all of the above elements, and this success…
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GP | Possibilities of convection ovens and their application in professional gastronomy

The convection oven appeared in professional gastronomy in the interwar period, i.e. in the first half of the 20th century. Since then, it has been a device that has been constantly modernized,…
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