A professional combi steamer is a "treasure" of every restaurant. Chefs who know and understand this technology perfectly know how to use the possibilities of a simple-to-build device that speeds up work, significantly affects the quality of dishes and increases their juiciness.

The convection steam oven is not only a guarantee of high-quality dishes, accelerating the entire production of dishes, or increasing efficiency. It is also savings. Convection steam ovens are improved convection ovens, increase baking efficiency, have lower electricity consumption, and allow you to effectively manage the entire baking process.




GP | Convection steam oven, i.e. juicy and tasty dishes

The use of a device such as a combi steamer allows, above all, to increase the quality of the served dishes. Already when the convection oven was created, many chefs were very eager to work with them. Adding the steam function, as well as increasing the efficiency of the ovens, resulted in an excellent quality oven that is perfect for baking, cooking and blanching. So it is a universal device and, as you know, in a professional kitchen, such devices are the most sought-after.

Why are dishes from the combi steamer tastier and juicier? It is mainly influenced by the way the heat is distributed. The convection steam oven distributes heat through specialized fans, which increases the efficiency of heat distribution, allows you to regulate the temperature, and also allows you to force the circulation itself.

Forced circulation of warm air is also an extremely great advantage when preparing dishes. The convection steam oven has a multi-storey or vertical structure. The horizontal air circulation virtually eliminates the mixing of food odors, which is extremely beneficial, for example, when roasting meat and casseroles.

The use of steam plays an important role in the combi steamer. The possibility of baking even with low humidity, significantly improves the taste of dishes and increases their aroma.

GP | Convection steam oven - effective and economical

The combi steamer is not only effective but also very economical. Savings include not only increasing the number of foods that can be baked simultaneously, but also the following factors:

  • minimal energy losses, the combi steamer has minimal energy losses, thanks to the proper management of warm air and quick heating of the device itself,
  • large water savings, even with full use of steam, the combi steamer needs only 8 liters of water per hour, and is able to heat a few to several dishes during this time,
  • the convection steam oven generates up to 80% less harmful substances thanks to the practically complete elimination of fat during baking,
  • the convection steam oven saves our time, depending on the size of the oven, you can even prepare several dishes in it at the same time, what is more, they can be very diverse dishes.

Modern combi steamers are not only functional and economical, but also have many interesting solutions, such as remembering recipes or cleaning them yourself. The current technology of their production and functionality have made convection steam ovens indispensable equipment in any professional gastronomy.

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