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GP | Oven for the production of pizza in professional gastronomy - what to choose to make it cheap and tasty

Even in the era of a pandemic, local pizzerias, thanks to the take-away action, have done quite well financially. Nevertheless, it is already visible how hard the pandemic has hit the entire…
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GP | Possibilities of convection ovens and their application in professional gastronomy

The convection oven appeared in professional gastronomy in the interwar period, i.e. in the first half of the 20th century. Since then, it has been a device that has been constantly modernized,…
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GP | Catering kitchen | basic and additional equipment and arrangement

A professional kitchen in every professional gastronomic establishment requires not only top-class equipment, excellent staff, but also very good organization. It is about the organization of…
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GP | Laundry equipment in boarding houses, hotels and other tourist facilities

The tourism industry is one of the most difficult service industries. With the current competition and the current standards, it is very difficult to meet customer expectations, which are constantly…
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GP | Induction cooker - Professional induction in gastronomy

Induction is a modern solution that is used more and more often in the world around us. This phenomenon has been known in physics for years and consists in the generation of heat as…
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GP | Bakery oven - structure, operation and functionality

Today, bread baking has become not only the domain of bakeries, but also grocery stores, eateries, and even small eateries. You can prepare your own bread either thanks to deep-frozen products or…
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GP | Electric slicer in professional gastronomy - requirements and possibilities

Professional gastronomic cuisine differs significantly from the well-known home kitchen. The differences are on every level, from the appearance and preparation of the room, to kitchen equipment that…
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GP | Tasty, healthy and filling bubble waffles - at home and in the restaurant

If someone asks us what is the most popular summer snack during the holidays? Probably most of us will answer ice cream and waffles. Poles love waffles, as any other dish of this type, based on…
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GP | Meat processing - how to offer the best product to guests and customers

Meat is a very important element of Polish cuisine. Our culture and culinary history is related to meat, from hunting and venison, to the breeding of slaughter animals, which have become…
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