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The outlet categories are a real paradise for bargain-seekers. There is probably no person who does not like to buy reasonably high-quality products, often equal to low prices.


Whether you're a pastry master or a chef, we have a masterful, unbeatable offer of convection steam ovens for you!


Specialized machines help to ensure perfect cleanliness and freshness of textiles. Choose modern equipment and helpful accessories that will allow you to create the perfect conditions for efficient and fast work. Choose the necessary equipment and accessories for washing!

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GP | Planetary mixer - application and functionality in professional gastronomy

Specialist equipment in the kitchen of gastronomic establishments is the basis of its proper functioning. The selection of equipment, its effective use, as well as maintenance and inspections, allow…
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Industrial laundries are places where contact with dirt is on the agenda. Washing clothes involves contact with germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi and numerous substances potentially harmful to health.…
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GP | The design and capabilities of an industrial waffle iron - that is, how this equipment is made

The industrial waffle iron is a device that has been designed and constructed with professional gastronomy in mind.
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A decade of experience

A decade of experience

Catering kitchen equipment is possibly the best foundation for a dynamic business. Restaurants, pubs or bistros consist of much more than a space for customers, like nice tables, chairs and interesting design. 

Although all of these things play a crucial role, it’s even better to invest in a high quality equipment for gastronomy, used only behind the closed doors by a restaurant’s staff. Every restorer who works in the industry knows the importance of a right stove or a professional oven. 

If you’re thinking about raising the standard of your place, one of the first things you should do is checking the offer of GastroProdukt and stocking up on all the catering articles indispensable in your business’s everyday work. 

Restaurant equipment

There’s no universal way to arrange a catering point. You will need different products and accessories in a place that sells kebab, and different ones in a bakery or a bar. However, they all have some things in common. 

Most companies that work in this industry need a refrigerated cupboard or a contact grill, both of the highest quality. They should also be adjusted to uninterrupted work for a few and sometimes even a dozen or so hours a day, seven days a week. 

Catering equipment for restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, or grocery stores

The best restaurant supply stores are the complex facilities that offer not only ovens and toasters, but also grill plates and professional kebab machines. 
Each product offered in GastroProdukt is made from the highest quality materials and with the best available technologies. Our pizza ovens are built from durable AISI 304 stainless steel.
Catering equipment that needs to stay perfectly clean has an embedded pyrolysis mode which heats up the oven to more than 450 Celsius degrees to get rid of all the dirt and fat which is often difficult to clean. 
Such a high temperature burns all the dirt and turns it into dust which significantly shortens the time of cleaning the oven and frees us from the need of buying chemical preparations. Depending on the requirements, we offer ovens with top or classic openings and side doors. 

Catering supplies

A professional restaurant supply store offers a wide range of products. That’s why GastroProdukt provides a complex supply service. Our customers can buy both professional grills and ovens as well as transport bags useful while delivering take-away meals.
We offer full support and help in choosing the best accessories that will make your kitchen keep up with the competition and meet expectations of its business owner, customers, and chefs. What’s more, GastroProdukt offers equipment service and consulting as well which shortens the time needed to make a purchase.