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Innovative laundry technologies.


GastroProdukt Professional - The future for your business.

SLAYER Espresso 

It opens the door to flavor profiling.

A decade of experience

GastroProdukt Professional - we provide equipment and devices for the laundry and catering industry. Having a decade of experience and knowledge about the needs of the hotel sector accumulated every day. Catering equipment - Our brand is primarily a guarantee of quality and durability! Premium catering and laundry equipment.

GP | Tasty, healthy and filling bubble waffles - at home and in the restaurant

If someone asks us what is the most popular summer snack during the holidays? Probably most of us will answer ice cream and waffles. Poles love waffles, as any other dish of this type, based on…
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GP | Meat processing - how to offer the best product to guests and customers

Meat is a very important element of Polish cuisine. Our culture and culinary history is related to meat, from hunting and venison, to the breeding of slaughter animals, which have become…
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GP | Industrial mangle - application and possibilities

The electric ironer is a device that was used already in the 19th century, when it had the same function as it does today - it ironed tablecloths, bed sheets, curtains and even carpets.
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GP | Refrigerated cabinets - construction, application and possibilities

A refrigerated cabinet is a device that combines the capabilities of a refrigerator or refrigerator with an exhibition site. It is a device that is most often made of steel and…
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GastroProdukt Professional equipment - How to comprehensively equip your gastronomy?

A gastronomic establishment is not only what we see when we open the doors of a restaurant, bistro or pub. We may be surprised more than once or twice when we learn what the rooms hidden behind the sign "For staff only" look and function. And the fact is that they are strategically very important. As potential restaurateurs in the future, we should have a wide knowledge of the necessary equipment for gastronomy, its specifics and principles of operation. Catering equipment - Role of gastronomic furniture - Specialized gastronomic furniture is a subgroup of a very broad category of technological furniture. It should come as no surprise that we rarely see them with our eyes. This type of catering equipment is rarely used at home. It is mainly used in places such as restaurants, bistros, hotels and canteens. They are inaccessible to guests or customers due to their low aesthetic value. Furniture for gastronomy is mainly focused on the functionality and safety of staff during work. Therefore, they are governed by the rule of simplicity and austerity of shape. Bearing in mind the unusual conditions in the kitchen room, professional gastronomic furniture is made in accordance with specific rules and rigorous work standards, including health and safety rules. These are usually smooth and thin surfaces, not covered with a coating of paint, which include stainless steel. The high-quality material is resistant to mechanical damage, high temperatures, high concentrations of corrosive or burning substances and humidity. Furniture from this category is characterized by strict parameters. The principle here is "As much as possible, as little as possible." Kitchens in individual premises may be of different sizes, so it is important that the equipment is able to accommodate the necessary products and tools, catering equipment, as well as chemicals, while occupying a minimum percentage of the area. Gastronomy equipment included - As important as the furniture, there are specialized catering equipment. A kitchen with even the best-class tables or chamber sinks will not be able to function dynamically without basics in the form of a dishwasher, toaster, oven or sometimes a fryer or grill. It is the properly functioning gastronomic equipment that is the showpiece of the restaurant and guarantees its success. In this case, it is worth investing in certain equipment. Good quality GastroProdukt equipment has been breaking popularity records on the market for many years. Valued for their reliability, they can also be perfect for your gastronomy. GastroProdukt Professional equipment - innovative solutions for your business!