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GP | Laundry

Our offer includes comprehensive equipment for a modern laundry. Please visit www.gp-pralnia.pl


GastroProdukt Professional - Innovative laundry

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GP | OzoneReady

In connection with the Covid19 situation. This applies primarily to the protection of employees, in particular drivers, all medical personnel and all those who have constant contact with new people on a daily basis.

The key is the selection of laundry with the appropriate technology that will ensure effective removal of all types of viruses. This technology is the "OzoneReady" ozone dosing system that you can install in our laundry equipment.

A system dedicated to facilities: hospitals, nursing homes, uniformed services, etc.

GP | Environmentally friendly soul


Functionality, safety, design, ergonomics and energy saving: these are the keywords that guide us in design. Our devices are actually manufactured from recyclable materials, with a recycling rate of up to 96%.

Sustainability is crucial at every stage of our production: not only during the "life cycle" of our products, but also in the early stages of production, packaging, transport and final disposal. The patented DWS (Dynamic Weighing System) system optimizes energy, water and detergent consumption according to the actual amount of laundry loaded, reducing waste and environmental impact. The amount of unused water, usually between the drum and the drain, is reduced by slightly shifting the two elements, and the position of the drain valve, located directly below the drum, prevents detergent and water from settling. Due to the second optional water drain valve, the water is recovered and used later, instead of being immediately discharged to the sewage system. In addition, the three water inlets reduce the consumption of hard and soft water, improve detergent dosing and balance the amount of cold and hot water, minimizing the need for heating.

The machine recycling rate is as high as 96%. It is an ecological washing machine even at the end of its life cycle. It is made of recyclable materials and therefore has a low environmental impact, even if you choose to change it. Materials such as board: plastic film made of PVC. As much as 56% of PVC consists of ordinary salt, completely renewable.

GP | System Gentlewash®

Gentlewash® | Water laundry - is a water washing system and, above all, an alternative to dry cleaning. It is the answer to the needs of every professional laundry!

Our modern system connected to our laundry machines washes and dries perfectly, such as: coats, formal dresses, cashmere sweaters, various types of leathers, dresses with embroidery or sequins ... and more! It is also great for stage clothes, theater costumes, uniforms and uniforms with reflective elements.

The 4.0 treatment system for delicate clothes therefore allows you to wash and dry fabrics thanks to washing cycles reduced to as little as three phases (washing, rinsing and spinning at the maximum possible speed) and drying patterns with self-regulating phases in terms of intensity and duration depending on the moisture content of the fabrics. Wearing garments washed in accordance with the Gentlewash® system means that we will enjoy the softness of the structure, freshness and shine every time.

GP | Technological line

GP Laundry | We create full lines of the technological process of industrial washing or we equip existing industrial laundries. So if you need an equipment cost estimate, a plan for the placement of laundry equipment in a laundry room or increase the efficiency of an existing industrial laundry by purchasing additional laundry equipment, call us or write us, we will present specific solutions for you.

GP | Success

GP Laundry | We provide a comprehensive service for the implementation of an industrial laundry equipment project. We will deliver the ordered laundry equipment to you free of charge, install and carry out the first start-up. Thanks to this, you get a guarantee of proper installation and peace of mind in the future use of laundry equipment. Additionally, we can train the operating personnel of devices in their proper operation and maintenance.

GP | Service

GP Laundry | Sometimes, when purchasing laundry equipment, we do not think about the availability of service and spare parts at all. In the case of industrial laundry equipment, these services are as important as the quality of the equipment offered. When you buy GastroProdukt Professional laundry machines, you also get the best industrial laundry service in the industry and quick access to spare parts in the future.

GP Laundry | GWH HIGH SPEED Wavy washing machine.

Intelligence at your fingertips has the name: Wavy!

  • Wavy is a new, user-friendly, interactive touchscreen graphical interface that provides information to program and monitor our machines visually.
  • Inspired by the high-tech world, Wavy uses the potential of the application language to make your daily laundry work faster and easier. Access is indeed hierarchical, so accesses are dosed for each type of user (Basic, Medium, Professional, or Technical), and the procedures are simple and intuitive.
  • Full touch panel with tempered glass capacitive technology.
  • 7-inch color display (65,000 colors - 480x800 px resolution) positioned vertically
  • Number of programs that can be stored: unlimited
  • The ability to offer each user a set of dedicated programs, which will avoid incorrect choices of less experienced users
  • Full freedom of programming and managing washing and drying cycles
  • Possibility to associate each program with an icon representing the laundry to be processed in order to eliminate any confusion when selecting programs
  • Languages: 36 supported (Polish), including some of the most used when using ideograms. We also invite you to visit www.gp-pralnia.pl

GP Laundry | GD Wavy dryers

Intelligence at your fingertips has the name: Wavy!

Equipped with a smart control panel in WAVY, a simple and intuitive graphical interface that adapts to the language and experience level of users and makes the dryer very easy to use. The system allows easy con fi guration of the entire drying phase directly from the display. WAVY automatically equalizes the temperature, drum speed, anti-crease function and residual moisture. It uses a direct drive system instead of pulleys and drive belts, which reduces maintenance costs.

GP Laundry | Pan ironers

Since 1997, the structure of the ironers has been made of the Skinplate material: it is a metal sheet coated with PVC foil. This solution ensures long durability and unchanging aesthetic values of our products. The PVC foil is stable, inert and provides effective protection against the action of liquids, gases and vapors. Therefore, it guarantees the durability of products - a feature particularly important in the laundry sector. Plastic PVC foil is also an ecological solution: as much as 56% of the sheet metal used for covering is made of table salt, which is a completely renewable raw material. Therefore, at end-of-life, skinplate ironers produce 50% less carbon dioxide than other petroleum-based polymers.