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Kebab machine

In the catalog offer Kebab equipment you will find professional kebab equipment GastroProdukt Professional and other kebab equipment. Our kebab appliances are made of high-quality steel, which guarantees reliability.

Kebab grill | Kebab Equipment - Kebab Machines Line" KING" 

Kebab machine | The KING kebab spit is an indispensable equipment in every gastronomic establishment serving dishes based on kebabs. It will give the restaurant the right character, as well as fill it with the wonderful smell of seasoned meat, which will attract many gourmets. A professional and proven kebab oven is an investment for years, so it is worth choosing the best one, which will help you prepare the perfect shashliks and delicious meat dishes. The equipment of a restaurant is a big challenge for every restaurateur. The kebab machine is an investment for years, which can quickly pay for itself, so it is worth betting on professional equipment with a long-term warranty.


Kebab Machine


KING Kebab Machine - There is only one Król!

Kebab Machine - Line" KING" The GastroProdukt Professional range of kebab machines includes various types of kebab machines that can be used to prepare large amounts of meat at the same time. When you buy GastroProdukt Professional kebab equipment, you are buying a professional kebab maker that can handle a large number of customers.


Equipment for kebabs - Equipment for a small gastronomic establishment – hints

Starting any business is difficult, requires work and demands. It is no different in the case of gastronomy. Here, in addition, there is the fact that you have to take care of everything yourself, you cannot work remotely, and one slip may destroy many months and even years of work. Therefore, people who want to start a business related to gastronomy should know this - there is no discount here, and a mistake in gastronomy simply does not forgive.

The key for the proper operation of the premises, and above all for the kitchen in a restaurant or small gastronomy, is the appropriate equipment of the kitchen room with appliances and household appliances, storage materials and all necessary accessories. You need to have something and how to work in order to be able to work in a professional manner. Below, we will tell you a bit about the equipment for professional gastronomy.


Kebab equipment


Kebab machines - A must-have for small gastronomy

To start a food preparation business for your clients, you must have:

  • a place where we will prepare these meals,
  • appropriate hardware
  • the right tools.

Getting a suitable place and preparing it is the most important thing. Another important point is, of course, the purchase of the appropriate equipment. They are:

  • gas or electric stoves or both
  • refrigerators and freezers,
  • small household appliances,
  • microwave ovens,
  • additional household appliances, such as sandwich makers, deep fryers, something that we can do without in home cooking, but in professional gastronomy.

The cost of purchasing such equipment ranges from several to several dozen thousand zlotys. An example may be kebab equipment , where the purchase of machinery, including a grill, stove and other equipment is one of the smaller investments, and so will cost up to 20-30 thousand zlotys. The kebab equipment is not the most expensive, which does not mean that you should save on it, and the kebab machines themselves should be professional and adapted to professional gastronomy.

Depending on the type of catering business we want to run, we must prepare for a specific expense. If we want to run a normal, medium-sized or even small restaurant, we will have to spend more than PLN 200,000 on equipment, appliances and accessories. Especially if we do not want employees to work with low-quality equipment.


Kebab machines

Equipment for kebabs - Professional equipment – warranties and functionality

Starting a business as a dining business comes with an investment that can pay off quickly and be profitable. When choosing equipment to furnish your premises, and first of all, professional kitchen equipment, you should be guided by:

  • opinions on both the manufacturer and the seller,
  • with the right service approach,
  • warranty and guarantee,
  • equipment service and availability of spare parts,
  • at the very end – the price.

Suppliers of equipment for the catering industry, including the devices, machines and accessories themselves, often have their own company service, which is a significant advantage in this case. An example would be a breakdown, for example a broken kebab machine . In this case, it is imperative that the service is undertaken immediately in order to ensure the full operation of the kitchen in such conditions. Hence, following the above rules allows you to choose the right equipment and at the same time properly prepare the premises and, above all, the kitchen.


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