The catering industry, like any other, requires the use and use of very specialized tools and devices. Dedicated, i.e. designed and made especially for this industry, machines are often essential devices used in restaurants, hotels, canteens and wherever food is processed.

Such a device is a potato peeler, specialized convection-steam ovens, high-class fryers and industrial planetary mixers.

GP | Equipment without which a professional kitchen cannot work

In every restaurant, in every canteen, wherever large amounts of varied meals are prepared, you can find equipment that cannot be found in a home kitchen. Most often, these are dedicated devices, enabling faster, more efficient, more accurate and less problematic processing of food and food ingredients. These devices perform work that would be performed by a human several times longer and definitely less accurately.

A perfect example would be a potato peeler. This device is used:

  • in large restaurants, where a large number of dishes are served every day,
  • in small eateries, where potatoes are the main ingredient of the dishes. A perfect example are "fryers",
  • in canteens and eateries, where potatoes or beets are the basic vegetables,
  • in hospitals, military units or large industrial plants with canteens,
  • in food processing companies, such as producers of fries or frozen vegetables.

It would seem so inconspicuous and at the same time a device that is not necessary like a potato peeler is not a key device in a professional kitchen. In reality, however, it is completely different. Such a simple device is able to perform work within a few hours that a person would do for even several hours.

GP | Why is it worth investing?

Anyone who opens a restaurant or a smaller gastronomic establishment must take into account the investment. As a rule, however, investments are focused on basic equipment, i.e. devices that are necessary. Potato peeler, a highly specialized planetary mixer, are devices that are already in the background. Is it right? It is certainly worth considering a certain balance of profits and losses that can be incurred with such a purchase. Certainly with time and with development, this type of equipment will become necessary.

A good investment is an investment that pays off. The best restaurateurs know that the purchase of professional equipment is not treated as an expense, but as a special investment for years, which allows you to achieve direct or indirect benefits. Specialized equipment and the purchase of such equipment is certainly a solution that will pay off in a short time. Yes, you have to think about them, ill-considered purchases, made exaggeratedly are not the best solution, but skilful investing is another aspect that you just have to learn if you want to be a good restaurateur, or generally a good and reliable businessman.

Potato peeler