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Contact grills

The GastroPordukt.pl online store has a large selection of kebab baking equipment gastronomic contact grills and kebabs, gyros and shoarms. Thanks to the high-quality devices, you will be able to prepare meat in a traditional way from every corner of the world, including countries that are more commonly considered the homelands of kebabs and gyros - Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt or Morocco.

Contact grills and kebab sets

Meat snacks have long won the hearts of Poles, and eateries serving roasted meat in various forms can be found in practically every city. It seems that Middle Eastern cuisine has surpassed American burgers, Japanese sushi and Italian pizza in terms of popularity. Our offer includes comprehensive sets, which include: grill /toaster, electric kebab /gyro knife, contact grill , salad cooling table and electric fryer. A holistic approach to the complex issue, which is undoubtedly modern gastronomy, is one of the determinants of the highest level of customer service in the understanding of our company. You can find out about it by browsing contact grills on GastroProdukt.pl.

Contact gastronomic grills - grill the competition

The highest quality equipment guarantees professional effects and a unique taste of meat, which is the essence of kebab, gyros or shawarma. The range of products consolidated in sets makes it possible to quickly equip any kitchen. Professional gastronomic contact grills - having ceramic burners with a long life, low weight (approx. 35 kilograms), meat rotation motor, independent heating zones and stainless steel housing elements - guarantee the longevity of the equipment and the effects baking that Turkish chefs would not be ashamed of. The offered products include electric knives for precise cutting of meat made of stainless steel, with covers ensuring safety during use. Take a look at the individual products and discover the full potential of GastroProdukt Professional.


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