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Kebab Grill

Highest quality kebab grill is the first step to increase your chances in running a successful Turkish cuisine restaurant, as its basis is delicious meat. You can try covering it with extra toppings but it will always be the most essential part of the dish. What’s important is not only the quality of the meat itself but also the preparation. That’s why it’s so essential to be equipped with a professional kebab machine that will emphasize the advantages of the delicious grilled dish. Check our offer and choose a modern and functional doner machine for your business

Kebab machine

Preparation of meat can be a whole lot easier with a grill and a gas or electric kebab machine from GastroProdukt Professional KING product line. The highest quality, ease of use and maintenance, high durability, reliability and attractive price are just some of the advantages of using this equipment.
Years go by, and this Turkish delicacy is still highly popular in Poland, being an undoubtful number one when it comes to fast food in the country. Consequently - eating kebabs has become a constant part of the Polish gastronomic landscape, so finding a place that serves this dish is quite easy. The market is already extremely saturated, so it is worth trying to distinguish your business from others by the high quality of meals served by a professionally made doner machine.

The original Persian delicacy consisted only of mutton, but today there are different variants, usually including: 


  • mutton or lamb,
  • beef of veal,
  • poultry meat, i.e. meat from turkey, chicken or other farmed birds.

The meat should be properly prepared and slowly baked with a special kebab machine. It allows processing the outer part thermally at a certain temperature, so that the chef could cut the meat for serving at the right moment. This method guarantees an amazing smell and taste, making the meat crispy on the outside, and really tender and juicy on the inside.

Kebab grills are the basic equipment of every smaller and larger restaurant specializing in this type of dish, and more broadly - in Turkish cuisine. Such devices can be found in many other places with a fast food profile, or restaurants where kebab is not an item on the menu, but the meat prepared in this way is an ingredient of a certain dish.

At GastroProdukt, we offer specialized equipment adapted to the needs of commercial use. Our kebab machines are perfect for both small booths and large restaurants. They enable efficient, ergonomic, safe and absolutely delicious preparation of this popular delicacy to truly captivate the customers. 

Kebab grill

The kebab dish has nearly always been a wholesome, complete meal. Only Western civilization turned it into fast food. Today, it is commonly understood that to prepare it, all you need is medium-quality meat and salads. Meanwhile, the real dish should be cooked slowly, using a kebab machine. This way it contains nutritious meat and healthy vegetables, aromatic sauces and other delicious toppings.

Good quality kebabs can be prepared in a restaurant, a small gastronomic establishment, or even a home kitchen. If you want to serve this delicacy on a massive scale, a professional machine is essential. But when you run a smaller business or kebab is one of the items on the extensive menu and served only from time to time, then the meat can be heated in the oven or even better - with a special kebab grill. What’s interesting, originally kebab meat was prepared this way. Thermal treatment was carried out on a slow fire on grates or special grills. Now they have been replaced by the doner machine, but in fact we will get the most interesting taste of the meat on the grill.

Kebab doesn’t have to be a typical fast food snack. On the contrary, in many restaurants it is served as a wholesome and full-fledged meal that perfectly satiates, is tasty and healthy. Thanks to the use of a kebab machine and / or a special grate, the prepared meat is completely fat-free.

For many kebab lovers, the basis is its content, i.e. meat, as kebab is intended to be a meat meal. However, both in Turkey (where the most popular variety of this delicacy comes from) and in other countries, there are also meatless variants. We can find more and more vegetarian and vegan kebabs - especially since it is currently fashionable and eco-friendly to limit the consumption of animal products. Fortunately, the meat is easy to replace without losing any of its flavor.

For those who love classic kebabs, there are several variations on the market, from basic - poultry, to beef and pork, ending with traditional ones with lamb or other less common meats. All of them are prepared with a kebab machine.
Alternative filling can be:


  • a specially prepared cheese,
  • tofu (e.g. smoked tofu can be a perfect solutions and a meat substitute), 
  • vegan gyros (usually seitan - a high-protein, vegan wheat gluten food),
  • varied vegetables, e.g. bean, legumes, sweet potatoes, beets, spinach, etc.,
  • mushroom (especially oyster mushrooms).

Therefore, there is no doubt that meat or its substitute is the basis of the meal, and a good kebab machine not only allows you to prepare it quickly, but also provides it with the right temperature for consumption, juiciness and tenderness. However, it is not only the content that matters, but also what we put it into.
Traditional kebabs have always been wrapped in a tortilla or other special bread. Of course, for the needs of modern gastronomy, a dish in which all ingredients are served separately is often also called kebab: meat, vegetable salads with additions, pieces of bread (or special dough) or chips. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that the attribute of a good, tasty, nutritious kebab is not only meat, but also bread.
The right recipe for baking the dough is key. In many places, the meat is prepared on a doner machine, sliced ​​into a tortilla or a roll, covered with salads and other toppings, and finally wrapped and baked in a special contact kebab grill. It allows the previously prepared bread to be heated to the appropriate temperature which provides it with a proper crunchiness.

At GastroProdukt you will find all the necessary equipment to prepare a kebab - be it traditional or vegetable. We have machines and grills, but also other necessary appliances. With our help, you will equip your business professionally and cost-effectively - we highly recommend affordable sets that include the most necessary devices and accessories.

Kebab oven

A kebab oven should be modern, functional, and at the same time easy to use. We offer extremely practical equipment that is perfect for everyday work - durable, efficient and employee-friendly.
The models we offer may be closed or open. We also have sets in various configurations, in which, in addition to kebab makers, you can also find electric gyros knives, panini electric contact grills, refrigerated tables, refrigerated cabinets, display cases or electric fryers. Each such package comes with a lower price for a kebab machine. Investing in a complete set of devices and accessories is therefore extremely profitable, especially that our equipment has a long service life, is failure-free and resistant to many harmful external factors, guaranteeing a flawless, long-lasting performance. 

What distinguishes our kebab ovens most is their quality and technical parameters. The main features include the number of burners, which directly affects the weight and size of the meat that can be placed in the machine, as well as the power of the burners.

Our kebab machines also differ in the power of the electric motor and the length of the skewer (in the range of 300-890 mm), which determines the amount of meat that can be prepared at the same time. Apart from that, GastroProdukt Professional appliances have many great parameters, such as: the possibility of adjusting the temperature of the burner, the stainless steel cover, the adjustment of the meat skewer, the rotation speed of 1 rpm. or a steel drip tray.

Professional gastronomy is not only the highest quality equipment, functional solutions or experienced staff. A good business has to have tools that enable precise processing of semi-finished products and preparation of dishes. For this reason, apart from doner machines, we also offer various accessories, such as, e.g., an electric kebab knife, containers for ingredients, refrigerated windows for salads, and many other appliances that should be found in the kitchen and in the restaurant.

Gas kebab machine

There are two types of kebab machines used on the market: gas and electric. Both variants differ from each other mainly in operating costs, but according to specialists, we obtain a different texture and taste of meat depending on the selected model.

In professional gastronomy, a gas kebab machine is a much more common choice. As the name suggests, it is powered by liquid gas (e.g. from a cylinder), being a perfect solution for restaurants because of its efficiency. It enables preparing many kilos of meat at once, but doesn’t generate huge bills.

The downside of such a device, however, is that it usually takes up a lot of space, and can only be installed in a properly adapted room (proper ventilation, gas sensors and other security measures are necessary). Our offer includes variants of various dimensions, which can be easily matched to the area you have.

When deciding to buy a gas doner machine, you also need to choose good quality equipment. Unfortunately, average appliances tend to grill meat unevenly and need more time to prepare it. Such a situation may have a negative impact on the customer experience - kebabs are considered fast food, therefore it is inadvisable to keep your clients waiting for their order too long. 

The gas kebab ovens we offer are relatively cheap to maintain, extremely ergonomic and completely safe. Properly installed, they meet all legal requirements related to health and safety, etc. We offer models of various capacities, so you can successfully install them in smaller and larger premises.
Electric kebab machines are much easier to use and safer, but generate very large bills. Often used, they consume a lot of electricity, the prices of which are constantly rising. What's more, according to many chefs, meat prepared in such a device is usually more hard and dried, which may affect the reputation of the restaurant and the level of guest satisfaction. Overall, a gas-fired kebab oven is a much better and cheaper choice.

How to clean and maintain a kebab machine?

Cleaning a kebab toaster is not a difficult and time-consuming job. Our devices have been designed to make this operation as simple as possible. Nevertheless, it must be approached with due care. First of all, it is worth taking care of regularity, thanks to which the device will retain its technical and aesthetic values ​​for a long time. Before the cleaning process begins, the machine needs to cool down.

The meat plate and skewer should be cleaned with a soft cloth or sponge with warm water and a mild detergent, e.g. dishwashing liquid. In the same way, you can wash the outer structure and the kebab gril’s housing - it guarantees that the roasted meat will be tasty and aromatic.

Proper cleaning of the doner machine is important not only for technical and visual reasons, but also for hygiene. Each restaurant has to meet a number of sanitary requirements in order to be able to safely serve dishes. The devices we offer are fully compliant with the regulations, and they can be easily washed and disinfected. They are made of stainless steel which hinders the growth of dangerous microbes, and is also extremely resistant even to strong chemicals.

Maintaining kebab machines, you should also remember about regular inspections and servicing. Our devices are extremely resistant, so they rarely fail, but such equipment is intensively used every day. As a result, the risk of damage or interference increases even in the most durable models. In case of any problems, you should immediately seek help from specialists, because you need to be extra cautious with devices that use gas. We guarantee full support in this matter and we respond quickly to reports, so the problem with the equipment doesn’t mean the necessity of closing premises.

How to choose a kebab machine?

A wide range of different kebab machines by GastroProdukt Professional makes it much easier to get through the stage of choosing the right equipment for your gastronomic plans. We offer a wide selection of devices that differ in dimensions, parameters, etc. We provide solutions tailored to different needs, so everyone is able to choose something that suits their needs.

First, you need to decide which type of kebab machine will be better - electric or gas. If you equip your premises with a gas-fired KING appliance, which is a more economical solution, you need to select the number of burners. The model with one burner will certainly be the cheapest option due to the lower gas consumption, but the more burners, the greater the possibilities, which can bring tangible benefits in the long term. It is worth making appropriate calculations (e.g. regarding the daily consumption of meat) in order to choose the most profitable option.

The type of drive is also a very important selection criterion. The KING gas kebab machine with one burner has a skewer that can be turned by hand, while our other models turn the meat automatically. The motor, which is the heart of the device, is located in its upper part and allows you to easily change the direction of rotation of the spike.

You must also bear in mind that kebab machines need to be employee-friendly - your workers will use them on a daily basis, so the device should be as comfortable and easy to use as possible. Even minor inconveniences can irritate the staff, reducing their motivation to work and efficiency. In gastronomy, the time of preparing a meal is extremely important, and this issue largely depends on the condition of the chefs. Professional equipment will be an additional help, so they can contribute to a noticeable increase in profits.

We offer doner machines with up to five burners - both gas and electric models. The number of burners is important because it determines how much meat can be grilled at the same time. A kebab oven with one burner allows you to prepare 10 kg of meat at a time, while the three-burner model - up to 40 kg. The five-burner cooker can grill up to 100 kilograms of meat at a time, which, according to the name of the product line, will make your place a real kingdom of kebabs. The maximum load and number of burners should of course be chosen wisely, taking into account the size of the premises and the average traffic. If you are having trouble estimating your needs, it is better to start with a smaller device - adding more as needed.

We encourage you to get to know the full offer and purchase our GastroProdukt Professional kebab machines. If you have any problems with choosing the right equipment, please contact us - we will be happy to help. We believe that thanks to our products, your business will reach an even higher level. Invest in professional equipment to offer your customers the best taste and aroma!


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