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Professional ironing tables

A perfectly ironed tablecloth, sheet and pillowcases or uniforms are the best visit for reliability and attention to details of your company.

Professional ironing tables with a quality mark

Professional ironing tables signed with the GastroProdukt Professional logo will confirm the customer's conviction that there is no room for oversight in your company. By eliminating creases and refreshing materials with hot steam, their life is naturally extended, allowing you to enjoy their great appearance and durability for longer. We offer ironing tables adapted to various needs, in each variant, taking care of the maximum usability and ergonomics of the ironing table .

Get rid of creases with GastroProdukt

The smallest ironing tables with a steam generator and iron in our offer enable efficient and accurate ironing, in an extremely compact format. The longest side does not exceed a meter in length, and the well-thought-out design allows the table to be folded when not in use. This solution will be perfect in places where the priority is the efficient use of space. In a situation where the lack of space does not force you to compromise, we advise you to invest in an ironing table with more power and extensive functionality. A heated board, air suction and a built-in steam generator with a large-capacity boiler will turn the chaos on the material into an elegant surface in the blink of an eye. Stainless steel and high-quality plastics, from which we manufacture our ironing tables, guarantee many years of operation and durability of the structure. Taking care of the health and safety of our customers, we equip our devices with the latest security. Water level and pressure controls, a thermostat, and also a double safety valve are elements without which we cannot imagine today professional ironing tables . In case of doubts, we encourage you to contact our sales department, whose employees will be happy to share their knowledge, listing the strengths that characterize individual professional ironing tables. GastroProdukt.pl experts will certainly help you make a good choice that meets 100% of your expectations.