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Catering dishwashers

Dishwasher steamer GastroProdukt Professional - Gastro dishwasher for your restaurant or cafe

GastroProdukt has been specializing in the sale of gastronomic dishwashers for over a decade. Such a long experience has allowed us to develop reliable technology and excellent quality, and our steam dishwasher can be purchased at a good price.

We successively create new generations of gastronomic dishwashers, even better suited to customer requirements. At the same time, we provide service to all previously purchased dishwashers and secure permanent access to parts
spare parts.


Dish steaming dish - Modern technical solutions in gastronomic dishwashers.

Dishwashing steamer  GastroProdukt with standard external dimensions offers the largest working space inside, compared to other companies' gastronomic dishwashers. The use of an automatic extension of the washing time until the water temperature reaches 90 ° C, thanks to which gastronomic dishwashers meet the requirements of sanitary services regarding the steaming temperature, and the service staff does not have to monitor the temperature before starting subsequent washing cycles.

Commercial dishwashers have an electronic controller installed that allows you to read the water temperature and has the function of signaling any possible
abnormalities in the washing cycle and diagnosing their causes.


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