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Stainless steel table

Stainless steel tables are specialized furniture used in professional kitchens and places that store or serve meals. They are a mandatory equipment for back-up facilities of restaurants, pubs, bars, canteens, bakeries, and cafes, adjusted to being a perfect surface for food products processing. Stainless steel kitchen tables are great for preparing food and dishes also because of the space they offer. They can be used for storing all the necessary kitchen accessories, e.g. different utensils or spices. GastroProdukt offers stainless steel work tables made from the highest quality materials - they are functional, durable, aesthetic and totally safe.

Stainless steel table

A kitchen table should be versatile. Our stainless steel models from the GastroProdukt Professional series can be successfully used for a wide variety of kitchen treatments. They are perfect for e.g. cutting vegetables, processing meats, chopping spices or kneading dough. They offer a large space, as well as many additional amenities, such as shelves mounted under the table top, helping keep the necessary accessories within easy reach. At the stainless steel work table, chefs and kitchen assistants can conveniently deal with the subsequent stages of food preparation, in favorable and safe conditions.

The tops don’t have sharp edges, and their individual elements are made with the greatest attention to even the smallest details. They have been designed to meet all the requirements of their users. Our kitchen tables are made of stainless steel, which is why they are extremely durable. They retain their appearance and properties for many years because they are resistant to hits, mechanical damage, scratching, corrosion, etc. Moreover, they are easy to keep clean. Food residues, greasy stains and other dirt can be easily removed from them. They can also be successfully disinfected on a regular basis using special agents dedicated to stainless steel.

Stainless steel kitchen tables for gastronomy

GastroProdukt Professional stainless steel work tables are available in many sizes, so they can be easily adapted to the available space and functionally arranged in various rooms. They differ in width (from 500 mm to even 2000 mm), as well as depth (600 mm, 700 mm, etc.) and height. We have standard models, but also corner ones, with cabinets, sinks, etc. Check our wide offer of stainless steel tables for gastronomy. Choose the perfect kitchen furniture to prepare the most delicious dishes. Invest in good quality stainless steel appliances of Polish production, representing a great price-quality ratio!