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Dish steamer


Commercial dishwasher - GastroProdukt Professional twój Partner!

Commercial dishwasher - In the 21st century, it is hard to imagine a professional catering establishment without a quick, accurate and economical dishwasher. Commercial dishwasher speeds up and facilitates work in the kitchen, reducing the time spent on cleaning, but also is a more economical solution than traditional, manual washing of dishes. In a wide range of gastronomic dishwashers with a quality mark, you will find gastronomic dishwashers for glass, dishes, professional dishwashers for trays and pots, as well as dishwashers dedicated to bakery baskets, and also hood type dishwashers . It is simply not worth saving money on this key element of the premises equipment. Using technological innovations and materials of the highest class, we have created one of the most efficient and economical gastronomic dishwashers available on the market today. Industrial Dishwasher - Now we provide them to you at affordable prices that will bring comfort to every kitchen.


gastronomic steamer


Industrial Dishwasher | Solid, dependable and invaluable – in one word: gastronomic dishwashers

Gastro dishwashers available on GastroProdukt.pl enable ultra-fast and thorough removal of all dirt and food residues. Depending on the degree of soiling of the dishes and the model of the dishwasher, the duration of one washing cycle can be as short as one minute. Each industrial professional dishwasher is equipped with an intuitive control panel that allows you to choose the washing mode you are interested in. AISI 304 stainless steel was used in the construction of these devices, extremely resistant to moisture and chemical agents. This guarantees long-term, trouble-free use at top speed. Industrial dishwashers signed with the GastroProdukt Professional logo use the achievements of technology in the field of water management to minimize its consumption, and thus save valuable resources: time and money. One of the important advantages of dishwashers is their attractive, minimalist design, which allows you to easily keep them impeccably clean. We have designed our professional dishwashers to be above-average accurate in their work. Achieving this goal consists not only of the above-mentioned advantages, but also specially designed washing arms and interiors, for which no tools are required for maintenance.


Gastronorm dishwasher - Professional equipment in the dishwashing room, i.e. industrial dishwasher

Professional equipment is also helpful everyday devices. Here, for example, gastronomic dishwashers will work, those available on GastroProdukt.pl allow for ultra-fast and accurate removal of all dirt and food residues. Depending on the degree of soiling of the dishes and the model of catering dishwasher , the time of one washing cycle may be closed within a minute. Each industrial dishwasher is equipped with an intuitive control panel that allows you to choose the washing mode you are interested in.


steaming dish


Zmywarko steaming machine GastroProdukt Professional - So a gastronomic steaming machine for your gastronomic establishment

A very good steaming dish is an indispensable device in any gastronomic activity. Thanks to the appropriate catering dishwasher, we can work as quickly and efficiently as possible. GastroProdukt Professional offer you will find the perfect gastronomic dishwasher for every restaurant. All our industrial dishwashers are perfect for commercial use. They have short washing programs and steaming functions. Dish steaming gastronomic are always available in our warehouses, which are distinguished by a competitive price.


GastroProdukt Professional steamer - Ródifferent types of gastronomic dishwashers

Most of the catering industries in the kitchen need more than one dishwasher gastronomy. If you have a lot of dirty dishes and enamel, washing must be done really quickly and efficiently. Therefore, not all dishes can be washed in the same catering dishwasher. So it's worth knowing that GastroProdukt Professional offers various types of gastronomic dishwashers , including:

  • glass dishwasher,
  • dishwasher gastronomic steamer for dishes,
  • hood type dishwasher,
  • dishwasher gastronomic tunnel steamer for pots and GN sheets


gastronomic steamer


Dishwasher glass steamer - Perfect for enamel

You run a small cafe, mainly using glassware, and maybe you want to save space in the premises? In such situations, dishwasher steamer for glass is the right choice. Suitable for washing glasses or other small dishes. This type of dishwasher steamer not only washes the glass but also prevents its wear.


Dish steaming gastronomic dish for dishes - The perfect solution for washing a medium amount of dishes

If your restaurant has a lot of dishwashing dishes? During this time, the gastronomic steamer for dishes will be a great investment. In 120 seconds, the gastronomic steamer will process dozens of plates, glasses and cutlery so that they can serve your guests quickly again. Among the available gastronomic dishwashers there are models with baskets 400x400 mm and 500x500mm


Dishwasher cooker hood GastroProdukt Professional - Gastro dishwasher for continuous operation.

In large employee canteens or wedding houses, we can usually find a hood dishwasher and a  steamer dishwasher gastronomic dishwasher. We can easily install these models of gastronomic dishwashers on special stainless steel serving tables, which are equipped with nozzles for pre-rinsing.

We present the basic operation of the hood steamer dishwasher:

  • First place all the dishes in the basket of the gastronomic dishwasher, put them on the table and rinse with running water.
  • Slide the basket into the commercial dishwasher where the washing process takes 120 seconds.
  • Place the clean dishes on the stainless steel discharge table so that the water evaporates from the dishes.
  • Finally, empty the basket and turn the dry dishes and that's it!


gastronomic dishwasher


Dish steaming tunnel gastronomic steamer - Steaming gastronomic steamer for GN sheets and not only

The dishwasher tunnel steamer is the perfect choice for washing large gastronomic accessories, which make it impossible to wash in classic gastronomic dishwashers. This is a very large gastronomic dishwasher, which can be safely used in meat processing plants and large hotel complexes.
Steaming dish GastroProdukt Professional the perfect solution for your business! 


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