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Planetary mixers

Planetary mixers – Dough mixers

Planetary mixers colloquially known as mixers are an indispensable element of the equipment of every professional confectionery. You don't have such equipment yet? Be sure to see our offer – planetary bowl at an attractive price at your fingertips.

This equipment can also be used in other catering establishments. Planetary mixers are perfect for making pizza dough or making mashed potatoes, for example. planetary mixer

In case of any problems with the selection of the appropriate equipment, please contact us, we will be happy to help you choose the best mixer and other devices necessary to equip the restaurant. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer – planetary dough mixer .


GastroProdukt Professional planetary mixer - What is this device?


In a professional confectionery or gastronomic kitchen, a large amount of whipped foam, dough or confectionery mass must be kneaded efficiently and very quickly. Of course, we can do it in a traditional or manual way. Planetary mixers, also known as confectionery mixers, are definitely an innovative solution. Planetary mixers have a large stainless steel handle, which has three possible ends:

  • spirals,
  • stirrer
  • rózga.

When you turn on the planetary mixer, the dough spiral, for example, starts turning, precisely mixing the ingredients. Planetary mixer allows you to knead many kilos of biscuit dough in a very short time and its consistency is always uniform, which proves the excellent quality of the planetary mixer.


Planetary mixer - How does a confectionery mixer work?

Planetary mixer is very efficient, which is ideal when your pastry shop needs to knead a large amount of dough or confectionery mass. Planetary mixer is used to knead various doughs, creams, etc.

In addition, the planetary mixer can also be used for various other tasks of your confectionery, bakery or gastronomic kitchen. With the planetary mixer we can also mix minced meat with herbs and even pizza dough. So we can use the planetary mixer for anything and it is a very versatile device.

GastroProdukt Professional planetary mixers - In how to use the confectionery mixer correctly?

planetary mixer

If you are using the planetary mixer in your pastry shop's daily work, just put all the ingredients in your cupboard well in advance. The work of the planetary mixer is not difficult and does not take much time. It is enough to simply insert the appropriate end of the device and lower the working mechanism and we can safely start the GastroProdukt Professional planetary mixer. The end of the planetary mixer begins to rotate, i.e. we start the process of kneading all the ingredients, and after a few minutes, an excellent final product will be created. After finishing work, the confectionery mixer just needs to be turned off


Planetary mixers - GastroProdukt Professional offer

The main difference in the GastroProdukt Professional planetary mixers is their capacity, which is expressed in liters, i.e. the amount of the product made. The smallest in the offer planetary mixers have a capacity of 7 liters, and the largest have a lease with a capacity of up to 120 liters. Please note that it is not recommended to run the Planetary Mixer when the bowl is completely filled with ingredients. Each planetary mixer has the maximum one-time capacity at which it should operate, as stated in the instruction manual. Due to the capacity, our planetary mixers have different dimensions. Smaller planetary mixers can be placed on steel catering tables, larger models of the mixer should only be placed on a hard and stable surface.


GastroProdukt planetary mixer - Proper washing of the planetary mixer after work.

The planetary mixer is very easy to clean. Please note that always disconnect the planetary mixer from the power source before washing. It is very important that the spiral, rake, stirrer or bowl are thoroughly washed. These elements can also be washed in a gastronomic dishwasher. Also, don't forget to clean the entire planetary mixer with a damp cloth.