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Convection steam oven - An essential convection oven in your gastronomic kitchen

Anyone who has ever tried their hand at gastronomy knows perfectly well that the right kitchen equipment is an important success factor, measured in the smiles of hotel or restaurant guests. Fresh ingredients, a closely guarded chef's recipe or, finally, a talented chef crew are extremely important, but without first-class cooking equipment, they may not be enough. Professional hotel or restaurant kitchen equipment will allow masters of culinary arts to spread their wings and bring out the full flavor of every, even seemingly simple, dish. We are well aware of this dependence, which is why our offer is full of gastronomic equipment of the highest quality. Among the numerous products that we have prepared for our clients, a primer could not be missing of course

culinary arts, which include, inter alia, gastronomic convection oven .


Convection steam oven



Convection oven - Convection steam ovens for professionals

The combi steamer , equipped with a steam chamber function, allows you to cook, bake, blanch, steam, cook and bake at low temperatures. Our combi steamers are perfect for baking bakery products – bread, rolls, casseroles, cakes, croissants, casseroles, pizzas, as well as various types of meat and fish. Modern design goes hand in hand with the functionality of the devices presented in this product category. The sealed door and wall insulation ensure optimal management of the thermal energy generated by the heaters. The combi steamers we offer are relatively easy to use, thanks to which even beginners in the culinary art will be able to use their full potential. The company's rich assortment, presented on GastroProdukt.pl, translates into a large selection of products. Here you will find a combi steamer tailored to the needs of each kitchen – we offer modular furnaces consisting of a varying number of heating chambers. If you have a problem with choosing the right model, please contact our advisers who will help you choose the most optimal stove.

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Steam convection ovens


The convection oven and its possibilities!

Convection ovens GastroProdukt Professional always have over a dozen heating elements that are electrically powered. Convection ovens are equipped with one or two fans that distribute the hot air evenly throughout the oven cavity.

Therefore, the hot air bakes evenly on all sides. The convection oven is known for very efficient baking of various meat. Another advantage of the convection oven is the short baking time.


Convection steam oven - What can be prepared in a convection oven?

The strongest point of the convection oven is that they are suitable for baking any type of meat or bread. Especially recommended ovens are for baking bread and sweet croissants. Due to the fact that products are baked in hot air, you get tasty meals as a result. Convection ovens are very good at roasting meat, vegetables and baked potatoes. By using a very high temperature in a convection oven, we achieve a crispy coating of all dishes. On the other hand, setting the convection oven to a low temperature allows for very slow baking of dishes with a delicate structure.


Convection ovens


Convection steam oven GastroProdukt Professional - Convection steam ovens a reliable gastronomic device

Our GastroProdukt offer includes both convection ovens and steam convection ovens , which combine the functionality of other devices. Convection steam ovens are a great example, as they also enable steaming, which makes the dish even healthier and more tasty. It is also worth adding that baking in a steam convection oven gives the dishes a unique taste and aroma and a heavenly appearance. In addition, some convection steam ovens have a grill function, thanks to which you will quickly prepare excellent dishes in your unique restaurant!


GastroProdukt Professional steam convection ovens - what should you remember when buying a convection oven?

When you make decisions about what combi steamer to choose when purchasing. The size and performance of the furnace are a major key factor. Because they decide about the efficiency of the use of a given combi steamer in the work in a gastronomic kitchen.

Some of our combi steamers are large enough to hold up to 20 GN containers at the same time.


Steam convection oven



GastroProdukt Professional convection steam oven - operation of the combi steamer?

Convection steam oven GastroProdukt is a device necessary for your restaurant. Before you decide to buy a combi steamer at gastroprodukt.pl, you need to know exactly what needs you will need it for and what efficiency the combi steamer must have. In the case of combi steamers, their use in gastronomic cuisine is more or less known. They enable us to precisely bake and steam for the preparation of such products as meat, seafood and various types of bread. Using the combi steamer, we can also prepare a rotisserie chicken that will be exquisitely juicy in the middle with a crispy ruddy crust on the outside.


GastroProdukt steam convection ovens - what to choose the right convection oven?

Due to the fact that this type of combi steamer is mainly used for baking various types of meat, this type of combi steamer is made for large catering establishments ; którhyme, we can even bake shells. Often these are restaurants of the type "KARCZMA" catering establishments. Convection steam ovens are also used in other gastronomic facilities, such as hotels or bistro bars. An additional advantage is that convection-steam ovens are perfect for bakeries, as they are perfect for reheating it in order to obtain a crispy effect.


Convection steam oven


Convection oven - Convection steam oven and their properties?

The convection steam oven , which can be purchased on the gastroprodukt.pl website, often has similar properties. It is equipped with a temperature control thermostat, where we can set the range from 20 ℃ to 280 ℃. Convection steam ovens also have a TIMER and a core probe, which guarantee precise control of the baking time. The operation of the combi steamer can be observed thanks to the innovative LED SMART digital panel. With these functions you can be sure that the final baking result will always be your success.

Convection steam oven - additional information:

  • external and internal structure of the furnace made of stainless steel,
  • baking chamber LED lighting,
  • adjustable doors,
  • double glazing
  • guides adapted to GN containers (530 x 325mm)

If you plan to purchase a  combi steamer GastroProdukt Professional, you need to take into account several elements. Before purchasing a combi steamer, you should consider both the energy consumption and the temperature range. The dimensions of the furnace are also an important factor, which should be kept in mind. You should also remember how often the combi steamer will be used, especially when the oven will be an essential part of your gastronomic kitchen.


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