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Wall tables with drawers – quality and aesthetics

GastroProdukt Professional has been supplying the best companies in the catering industry with furniture and devices enabling efficient work for a decade. For ten years, we have produced and tested hundreds of designs. Some of them are important points in the GastroProdukt.pl catalog today. Thanks to restrictive guidelines and a strict evaluation system, only the most thoughtful, most reliable and functional furniture and gastronomic devices are delivered to your kitchen. That is why we are a leader among the producer of kitchen equipment in Poland. Experienced chefs expect the tools to be reliable and comfortable to use, which characterize our products. Wall tables with drawers are extremely versatile pieces of furniture, enabling efficient work in gastronomy and more. The wide offer of GastroProdukt Professional is addressed to those who expect high quality every day and know that wall tables with drawers are an investment for many years.

Don't get pigeonholed

Solid, welded construction made of stainless steel, a large work space and spacious drawers under the table top – this is how wall tables with drawers look like in short. Stainless steel, which we used for the production of tables, is resistant to mechanical damage, scratches and does not react with organic substances. Thanks to these properties, the furniture is easy to keep clean. Flexibility is one of the features that guide the products we create. We make it possible to place drawers on either side of the table top. It is also possible to attach an additional drawer. Wall tables with drawers are available in our offer in many different sizes, which means that you will surely find a model that perfectly fits your kitchen. We encourage you to contact the customer service department, which will immediately answer bothering questions about the products and help you smoothly through the purchasing process.