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Electric choppers

Technology in the service of taste – electric choppers GastroProdukt Professional

For ten years we have been researching the needs and improving our devices so that they serve the best in professional kitchens around the world. We introduce the newest, breakthrough technologies, not forgetting the tradition. It is known that tastes are not discussed, but a good cutlet is very easy to distinguish from meat prepared ineptly. The basis of a tasty steak or cutlet is undoubtedly the proper softening of the meat before frying. If you run a dining establishment, such as a restaurant, guest house or hotel, where meat is the basis of the menu, industrial choppers will hit the spot. By investing in electric meat steakers, we provide our customers with maximum satisfaction and taste. In order to achieve satisfactory efficiency in the kitchen facilities, we need not only a well-coordinated crew, but also efficient and effective catering equipment. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide offer of GastroProdukt Professional.

Electric choppers – first step to pork chop

Electric chopper is juicy, soft and delicious & hellip; This is what chops and steaks can (and should) be like if properly processed. However, if the meat is handled improperly, not only are we losing nutritional value, but we can also lose weight of the ingredients. Therefore, the innovative solutions in which we equip our electric choppers, guarantee not only unprecedented performance and steak speed, but also retention of meat juice for maximum flavor. If time is money, and in every kitchen every minute is worth its weight in gold, electric meat steakers will bring you real wealth. Their working speed is up to 500 pieces per hour, and the minced meat is heat treated almost twice as fast. In our construction it is easy to look for troublesome combs. We used a system of separators, easy to maintain and reliable in operation. In this category you will also find industrial choppers of a simpler design, as well as a set: electric chopper with a meat grinder.


Electric chopper - What is a Steaker

When preparing fresh meat, you want to make sure that this piece of groaning, neck is as soft and refined as possible. This result can be achieved with our electric chopper | steaker. Electric chopper is equipped with a large number of small blades that make small cuts in the meat. They are very non-delicate cuts, but they do make the meat refined. For this reason, the meat is cooked evenly during the thermal processing. There are also manual methods which are very time consuming and time consuming. The main advantage of refining meat by our electric chopper is that spices and other meat additives penetrate deep into its structure. Electric chopper has an amazing experience!


Electric choppers how do they work?

Electric boiler | The steaker has a large casing with anti-skid plates, which allows for a solid grip on the stainless steel catering table. Electric choppers are equipped with two shafts with 350 small blades. It uses an electric drive to make the rollers move in such a way that the blades refine the surface of the meat. The operation of the electric chopper is very simple. First, prepare the right-sized slices of meat. The next step is to grip the meat with one hand and lower it into the electric chopper until it touches the roller. Prepare to pick up the meat from the other side of the chopper after it passes over the rollers.


Electric boiler what can you use ???

The biggest advantage of the electric boiler | Steaker that this machine will be perfect for a butcher's shop and your restaurant. Regardless of what you want to serve, or the pork neck on the grill or maybe a beef steak electric chopper guarantees that every bite of meat will be tender and juicy. Thanks to our GastroProdukt Professional electric chopper, you will enhance the taste of pork or beef! The electric chopper will make you marinate slices of meat faster and easier.


Electric meat cutters - proper washing of the device after work.

The electric chopper should always be washed after each use. To start washing the device, disconnect the power cord from the power supply. Then pull the mulching device off the electric drive. Now we have to unscrew the protective cover of the chopper and you can now pull out the cutting rollers to be washed in dishwashers or under running water. Cleaning brushes with hard bristles cannot be used.