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GP | Welding machine for trays "CATERING" | GP-240

GP | Welding machine for trays "CATERING" | GP-240

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Tray sealer GastroProdukt Professional GP-240, a device for packing take-away meals.
It is about cost optimization in every kitchen. They allow to serve take-away dishes on specially wrapped trays. In conjunction with the on-line or telephone ordering system, it means cost optimization and sales increase for every catering business.

They are widely used. Various types of products can be packaged with them. These are, for example, meat products, drób, sausages, fish and seafood, cheese, vegetables and many more. Packaging food products on trays and not only is fast and convenient thanks to them. Packaged products do not damage or crush. What's more, the tray sealer we offer allows you to pack products of different consistency and aggregate state, from solid and loose, even to liquid.

  • The entire structure of the welding machines is made of steel.
  • smooth and precise regulation of sealing temperature
  • sealing plate coated with innovative Teflon,
  • device structure made of steel,
  • spring mechanism for easy opening,
  • electronic driver,
  • roller film feeding system,
  • information about the readiness to work (LED),
  • cutting the foil from the roll along the length
  • cutting the foil behind the container
  • universal plate frame welding
  • Foil diameter: 220 mm
  • Tray dimensions: 227 x 178 mm

  • Power supply: 220-230V /50Hz
  • Power: 1.5 kW
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Device dimensions 315 x 555 x 235 | 540 (H) mm


  • Airtight fresh product packing
  • Convenience in packing and transport
  • Suitable for packing solid, loose, liquid products
  • Convenient for packing ready-to-go food
  • Automatic film cut


  • Meat and cold cuts, salads and raw foods, droughts, fish and seafood, vegetables, delicatessen products, herbs, powders, spices and other processed foods

Delivery time: 1-3 days


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