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GP | Cooling Rack RCS Scorpion 03 / 1,25

GP | Cooling Rack RCS Scorpion 03 / 1,25

Code: GP.RCS Scorpion 03 /1,25

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  • RCS SCORPION 03 refrigerated display rack is intended for the display and sale of food products at a temperature of + 2 /+ 10 ° C.
  • The rack is insulated with polyurethane foam, which guarantees proper insulation of the device. The sides of the rack are made of glass, thanks to which the rack has a modern look and increases the attractiveness of each store.
  • Four rows of display shelves inside the rack can be adjusted in height and angle. The rack has a manual roller blind, which significantly reduces energy consumption at the time of closing the sale.
  • A dynamic cooling system and a relatively large display area are the advantages thanks to which the RCS SCORPION 03 rack is used to display goods in small, medium and large stores. RCS SCORPION 03 has a standard construction that allows it to be easily and quickly combined into cooling lines.
  • The furniture is equipped with a built-in aggregate, but it can also be prepared for connecting an external aggregate.
  • RCS Scorpion 03 has a backlit advertising panel on which you can place any text, photo or logo (according to individual design).

  • Overall length (without sides) 1250mm.
  • Total length (sides included) 1310 mm.
  • Usable capacity 650 dm3
  • Refrigerant R404A (R507)
  • Temperature class (temperature range) 3H1 from + 2 * C to +10 * C
  • Supply voltage 230 V 50 [Hz]
  • Weight 190 kg.

Lead time: 7-15 days

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