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Gas catering kitchen

Gas catering kitchens – go gas, leave the competition behind

We know that you can even cook a meal on a campfire. You can, but why, since the GastroProdukt.pl assortment includes reliable gas gastronomy cookers. Preparing meals has never been so easy and convenient. During the design work, we focused on the convenience, safety and durability of our products. The presented gas gastronomy kitchens are the basis of each catering facility, regardless of its profile and size. What's more, gas catering cookers are an irreplaceable kitchen aid, because they are devices designed for continuous operation. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of gastronomic equipment that we offer on our website for gastronomy professionals.


Gastronomy cuisine - Phew how hot, phew how delicious

Thermal processing is a process without which gastronomy would not exist. In turn, an efficient team and reliable equipment are the elements necessary for the proper operation of a professional gastronomic kitchen. By investing in GastroProdukt Professional gas cookers, you have the guarantee that the kitchen equipment will meet the standards of the masters of culinary art. Ergonomic knobs and handles, as well as a cleverly profiled hob with refined burners, are characterized by a well-thought-out design combining design with usability. Our gas cookers are a powerful source of fire, able to heat up dishes even in the largest pots. For complete safety, each burner is protected in the form of a control flame, the so-called pilot, and a thermocouple. These solutions shut off the gas supply in the event that the flame goes out. Made of stainless steel gives you the confidence that this device will serve for many years, and will also be pleasant to clean. In our offer you will find gas cookers with electric ovens or convection ovens, as well as models with different number of burners. All gastronomic kitchens gas GastroProdukt Professional is distinguished by modern design, as well as durability and comfort of use, which you should simply look for at & nbsp ; other producers.