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Wood-fired pizza ovens

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Wood-fired pizza oven made in Italy by GastroProdukt Professional

Wood-fired pizza ovens is a premium product, which will make the life of every gastronomic establishment's kitchen unique taste and aroma. This is a real work of Italian designers who know the ins and outs of baking original pizza. From now on, the secret of baking the perfect pizza dough can be learned by others, thanks to wood-fired ovens available in our company's offer. Such a device installed in your premises will stimulate the senses of customers and will allow them to travel through the eyes of their imagination to the homeland of the virtuoso in the kitchen, who create the history of pizza. These ovens contain the essence of the Italian cuisine tradition. A one-of-a-kind offer of exceptional wood-fired pizzas is available at GastroProdukt.pl.


Wood-fired pizza oven – the secret is fireclay bricks and wood

Wood-fired pizza oven - The very appearance of the oven gives magic to any place where it is placed. Wood-fired pizza ovens available in the GastroProdukt Professional virtual catalog are made of special bricks from the cotto & rdquo; grade, from Italian Anagni. The original design and manual workmanship of the oven, and above all, the unique taste of the cake, obtained thanks to selected types of wood, will make your restaurant brand famous in the area and will allow you to expand the group of regular visitors. The ability to choose the outer shell of the furnace in shades of ivory or amber will make it easier to match the furnace to the style of a restaurant and will make the entire composition consistent. Adaptation of the wood-burning stove to the room is also possible thanks to the removable support base made of iron. The original appearance of the device is also added by the Alfa Ref cast iron arch, which allows an overview of the furnace contents. Adding an extraordinary solution to your assortment, which is undoubtedly a  wood-fired pizza oven , should be treated as a strategic investment in the brand and image of the premises. The wood-fired pizza oven will surely become a pillar of the original restaurant italiano, where the Italian atmosphere can be felt right from the doorstep.

The wood-fired pizza oven Alfa Pro from the historic company Alfa Refrattari has been producing wood- and gas-fired pizza ovens for home and professional use for over 40 years. All production is carried out in Italy at the Anagni factory. Alfa Pro has a leading position in the market with 1,000 pizza ovens sold worldwide through a solid network of distributors and resellers.


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