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Meat grinder

Meat grinder wolf - meat grinder

Meat grinder is the equipment necessary in every restaurant. Professional industrial meat grinder will be perfect not only in restaurants, but also supermarkets, shops and mass catering establishments. A large selection of equipment and attractive prices make our products an excellent choice. Do not wait, see available products in the category: meat grinder .

meat grinder


We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer for meat grinders and more and to choose the right equipment. In case of doubt, please contact us - we will be happy to answer any questions about the devices in our store's offer.


Catering wolf – characteristics

Each industrial meat grinder that you can find in our offer is made of high-quality stainless steel or high-quality aluminum. All devices are manufactured in accordance with all safety standards. Depending on the model, they may differ in weight, power and capacity.


Grinder meat grinder – why buy it?

The meat grinder is extremely handy. First of all, it significantly reduces the preparation times of dishes that require grinding a large amount of meat. The manual process is extremely time-consuming, as well as physically exhausting, which is why such a machine should be found in any large restaurant or school table.


GastroProdukt Professional meat grinder - What is this device?

The taste of freshly ground meat is without valuable. We can prepare hamburgers, stuffing or sausage from minced meat. Of course, we can prepare all of this on our machines, i.e. GastroProdukt Professional meat grinders. Meat grinder has a large feeder in which to place the meat to be minced. The meat is then pressed under a rotating blade that grinds the meat and pushes it through a sieve with holes. In this way, we can obtain minced meat of the thickness of your choice. A meat grinder has its set of several sieves with different holes. The work of all meat grinders is fully automatic, therefore it facilitates and accelerates the entire process of grinding meat.


Meat grinder GastroProdukt Professional - How do food grinders work?

A meat grinder is a very essential machine in your restaurant or butcher's shop. Our efficient meat grinders will grind all types of meat without any problems. No matter if you have pork, beef or chicken to grind, thanks to the GastroProdukt meat grinder you can easily prepare hamburgers, minced cutlets or sausage stuffing. All you need to do is add spices and herbs to prepare a delicious sausage in a few minutes!


Meat grinder - GastroProdukt Professional offer?

Each meat grinder has a different performance. The bigger the meat grinder, the more possibilities it has. The smallest model of a meat grinder allows you to process meat about 120 kg in an hour. We also have meat grinders with a capacity from 220 kg to even 320 kg in an hour. Meat grinders are standard equipped with two sieves with holes with a diameter of 6mm and 8mm. All GastroProdukt meat grinders are additionally equipped with two cutting knives.



Meat Grinder - Safe handling of the Meat Grinder!

The safe use of a  meat grinder should not be a problem. Simply place the meat in the infeed tray and install a suitable meat grinder screen to ensure the right diameter of the ground meat. Then you can turn the wolf into the meat. When the mincer is activated, the auger placed in the throat of the meat grinder will move the meat towards the knife and situ.




Meat grinder wolves - proper washing of the device after work.

Working with raw meat is associated with cleanliness and high-quality hygiene. This, of course, applies to meat wolves. Meat grinder should be thoroughly washed after each use! First we need to remove the snail, nóż and sieve, which is in the throat of the meat machine. All these elements are made of stainless steel. So they can be washed in a gastronomic dishwasher. In this way, you can be sure that the meat grinder accessories are completely clean and ready to go the next day. & Nbsp;


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