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Gastronomic thermoses for liquids

We would like to present you delicious thermos for liquids, guaranteeing the maintenance of a constant temperature for a long time. Their well-thought-out structure not only provides very good thermal insulation properties, but is also characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage.

Gastronomic thermoses for liquids – coffee or tea?

Tea, water, coffee, infusions and a whole range of other beverages give maximum enjoyment of consumption only when poured at a suitable high temperature. When offering catering services to customers, care should be taken to keep the heat not only of meals, but also of drinks. For a decade, we have been supplying high-quality equipment, catering facilities, restaurants with various profiles: restaurants, buffets, pubs, and catering companies. We have noticed that, apart from one industry, all our clients have one common feature. It is based on the belief that by investing in the best equipment available on the market, they make their way to business success. For the success of the catering industry is determined by three fundamental issues. The teamwork and experience of the cooking and waiting team, good quality products and reliable high-class equipment.

Solid construction ready for anything

This is one of the basic features of products bearing the GastroProdukt Professional logo. We have used many solutions in their production, appreciated by industry practices. The almost homogeneous structure is in the foreground, allowing to achieve the spectacular durability and thermal insulation that characterize our gastronomic liquid thermoses. Handles and knobs are parts of the stamped body, which guarantees reliability during handling and their operation. In addition, the GastroProdukt Professional brand liquid flasks are distinguished by a tap located in a niche. The above solution is a clever protection of this delicate element against damage caused by impact or fall. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of catering equipment for professional use on our website.