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Table-top catering display cases

The key and first step to gaining the adoration of a cup of tasteful guests is the correct display of the delicacy. Desserts, side dishes or dry dishes can be arranged into mouth-watering portions that few can resist. Later, you only need to facilitate access to them, to observe the delicacies disappearing from the tray and the smiles of satisfied guests appearing. One of the surest ways to implement this scenario is to use the site to serve treats and more. These transparent containers allow a complete view of the interior, while maintaining favorable conditions for food. This solution guarantees longer freshness and preserves the full flavor and aroma. Table catering windows will prove useful in all self-service establishments and eateries, and should also be part of the equipment of every company serving meals outside the place of their preparation.

Serving sites for professionals

At GastroProdukt Professional, we have been advising and helping to equip professional kitchens throughout Poland for a decade. On our website GastroProdukt.pl we offer you a wide selection of table catering windows that offer an attractive presentation of dishes. An important feature of some models is the cooling function. Cooling inserts, placed under the tray, ensure a long period of keeping the temperature low. While all table-top catering sites have the same purpose, they differ in shape and size. We produce single but also double display cases, stacked, one above the other, in order to save exhibition space. For the production of display windows, we use high-quality materials with very good resistance to various types of damage, and also with excellent appearance. They are polycarbonate and polyamide, ensuring transparency, and stainless steel with high durability. If you want to be sure which table catering sites will work best in a specific case, please contact our experienced customer service team.