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Sous vide cooking

Professional cooking starts with GastroProdukt Professional. We offer a wide range of catering equipment for all types of cooking. However, you will also find appliances for specific cooking techniques in an industrial kitchen, such as the Sous vide cooking appliance. Order our products online today.


Sous vide cooking means in prós

The sous-vide technique is nothing new today, though it seems that it still hasn't settled in many kitchens. It is a healthy alternative to traditional thermal processing and allows you to cook evenly without losing the valuable nutritional values contained in the food. Sous vide cooking devices, including sous vide circulators and chamber packers, are GastroProdukt Professional offers that will satisfy both beginners in gastronomy and experienced chefs. Long cooking in clean bags ensures maximum taste, and lower temperatures do not degrade valuable nutritional compounds and reduce the weight of the cooked product. In addition, sous vide circulators are very compact devices, which allows us to use them in any container with rounded or flat edges.


Sous vide cooking - Highest functionality level

Reliability, solidity and accuracy – these three features can be attributed to all products that can be found on the GastroProdukt.pl website. It is no different in the category where sous vide cooking appliances shine. Made of the best quality materials and components, they are equipment that will serve for many years, without failure. Intelligent microprocessor controls, automatic cycle start and efficient pump ensure trouble-free and fast packing. Accurate, even pharmacy temperature control allows for complete control throughout the entire process. The built-in timer allows continuous operation without the need to operate during the cooking cycle. Róuniform water circulation, so important in the art of sous-vide, is possible thanks to the built-in pump. GastroProdukt Professional chamber packing machines are distinguished by their quality of workmanship and ease of use. These universal devices are suitable for packing all kinds of goods that require storage in sterile, clean containers. In gastronomy, they are essential to prepare food before sous-vide processing, and it is also one of the better methods of preserving food.


What is the GastroProdukt Professional sous vide cooking function?

We can prepare food in various ways. So five, deep-fry, boiling or grilling. The boiling point in the standard cooking method is 100 degrees Celsius so that all bacteria are thoroughly neutralized. However, not all catering equipment uses such high temperatures. The sous vide cooking device allows you to prepare dishes at relatively low temperatures. Where kitchens with specific functions are only suitable for designated products, the sous vide method has wider application. You can use these devices for various types of dishes and products. The French term sous-vide means "under a vacuum." The preparation of food with these devices therefore requires prior vacuum packing of the product using a vacuum packing machine.


GP | Cooking Sous Vide GastroProdukt Professional?

The Sous Vide device is similar to a bain-marie. The biggest difference is that sous vide products should be tightly packed in a vacuum packer. To do this, you need to pack the food in a vacuum bag using a vacuum bagger. Then you can slowly cook the food in the water bath. This is done at a configured, constant, low temperature between 50 and 85 degrees Celsius. With the help of Sous Vide GastroProdukt Professional you can monitor the temperature so that you are able to slowly and evenly prepare each product for heat treatment.


Which dishes are suitable for Sous Vide GastroProdukt Professional?

There are hardly any restrictions when preparing sous vide dishes. A lot of food products are suitable for this simple form of preparation, provided that they are sealed in a vacuum bag beforehand. Vegetables, meat and fish are the most obvious sous vide GastroProdukt products, but not the only ones. In this way, you can also prepare desserts, fruit and even smoothies. The great advantage of using sous vide is to preserve the nutrients, vitamins, texture, aromas and flavors of each ingredient in the dish. All spices and herbs are recommended to achieve a greater aroma of the dish.


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