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Refrigerated cabinet

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Refrigerated cabinets - Refrigerated cabinets for your kitchen

It is difficult to imagine a professional catering facility without a refrigerated cabinet. Any experienced chef knows how important it is to properly store food that does not tolerate high temperatures, such as fish and seafood, meat or food. Without constant low temperatures, these items spoil very quickly and can pose a health risk to the consumer. So let's make the right choice and invest in first-class equipment. Our offer includes professional refrigerated cabinets distinguished by unprecedented reliability and quality of workmanship. These universal devices will appeal to kitchen staff, as they are not only easy to use and maintain, but also easily adapt to the conditions and operating mode of a given premises.


Refrigerated cabinet


Refrigerated cabinets - Refrigerated cabinet popular like Frozen

Each GastroProdukt Professional refrigeration cabinet is made of the highest quality material, which ensures many years of work, without fear of failure. Using technological innovations, we have equipped our refrigerated cabinets with intuitive control panels, connected to the NTC probe, which adjusts the cooling temperature to the conditions in the cold room, as well as to the type of the article stored in it in stuffs. What's more, maintaining an optimal temperature level is easier because the well-insulated, self-closing door has been equipped with a durable magnetic seal. This solution prevents warm air from getting inside the refrigerated cabinet and, as a result, spoilage of the food. On the GastroProdukt.pl website, you will find a wide selection of refrigerated cabinets, enabling trouble-free storage of food at low temperatures. Adapted to various needs, professional refrigerated cabinets are available in glazed or enclosed variants, and individual models differ in size and number of doors. Refrigerated cabinet by GastroProdukt Professional is a must-have in any professional kitchen, the more so as not only do they protect food against harmful external factors, but also help to save electricity through a thick insulation layer (60 mm).


Refrigerated cabinet - The purpose of the refrigerated cabinet in your premises.

No matter what your menu card is, every restaurant, catering or canteen must have a refrigerated cabinet in its gastronomic kitchen. Even if your restaurant specializes in hot dishes, you do not need refrigerated cabinets, which must be placed in the kitchen or in rooms intended for them. The most proven way to preserve the freshness and quality of food products is to store them in refrigerated cabinets. Refrigerated cabinet GastroProdukt Professional is intended for use in industrial kitchens, it will also be perfect for other branches related to gastronomy. A good example are canteens, fitness clubs or catering, where a refrigerated cabinet is great. GastroProdukt's offer also includes refrigerated cabinets , which specialize in the baking industry.


Refrigerated cabinets

GastroProdukt refrigerated cabinets - Why choose a refrigerated cabinet with the GP logo?

When you order the GastroProdukt Professional refrigeration cabinet, you choose product quality. By maintaining a constant low temperature inside the refrigerated cabinet, you can successfully store all types of food. Therefore, the risk of product spoilage is reduced. Refrigerated cupboard saves money by extending the freshness of foodstuffs. GastroProdukt offers high-quality refrigerated cabinets at affordable prices.

GastroProdukt Professional refrigerated cabinet and its properties?

Each GastroProdukt refrigerated cabinet that we offer has its own unique features and functions. Refrigerated cabinets with single or double doors are available.

The essential features of the GastroProdukt refrigerated cabinet are:

  • LED interior lighting.
  • cooling with fan,
  • possibility to reverse the door,
  • 70 mm thick insulation layer,
  • digital temperature controller,
  • door and outer casing made of stainless steel


GastroProdukt refrigerated cabinet - basic arguments when buying a refrigerated cabinet?

When planning to buy a refrigerated cabinet for your restaurant, it is time to precisely define your needs. The elements of the refrigerated cabinet, which determine the choice of devices, are primarily the amount of space in the restaurant, the amount of products to be stored and the dimensions of the refrigerated cabinet itself. GastroProdukt's offer includes both refrigerated cabinets with low dimensions, i.e. 90 cm high, and much higher appliances, which are up to 200 cm high. The capacity of the refrigerated cabinet can range from 120 liters to even 1400 liters. Depending on the model selected, the temperature range in the refrigerated cabinet is from 1 ° C to 8 ° C.



Refrigerated cupboard and its maintenance?

Offered refrigerated cabinets have been designed in such a way that sewing does not weld any difficulties. Thanks to our automatic defrosting system, the refrigerated cabinet runs around the clock without any problems related to the accumulation of ice in the appliance compartment. With proper maintenance and use of appropriate detergents, your refrigerator will last for many years.