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GP | Vacuum rail MINI packing machine | 350 mm
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GP | Vacuum rail MINI packing machine | 350 mm


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GastroProdukt Professional | Professional Vacuum Strip Sealer GP-MINI

  •  The highest-quality Italian-made vacuum strip packing machine
  •  Vacuum packing is a system for the preservation of raw food, semi-finished products or finished products by removing air from the container or bag in which the product to be packed is located.
  •  This model, suitable for several employment sectors, is resistant to dirt due to its highest quality of construction, extremely high work efficiency, and above all, due to the user comfort.
  •   The MINI packing machine can work in two different ways: creating a vacuum in bags or a vacuum in external containers for liquids / sauces.

Advantages of vacuum packing:

  •  Longer food storage
  •  Hygienic food storage (no diffusion of other odors, no drying of the food)
  •  Reduction of food spoilage costs
  •  Thanks to the packaging machine, you can use the new, excellent technique of vacuum cooking
  •  Designed for packing food and technical products
  •  The structure is made of high quality stainless steel
  •  Automatic work
  •  Possibility to regulate the vacuum up to 99%
  •  Adjustable welding time

Technical data :

  •  dimensions: 370x275x130 mm
  •  sealing bar: 350mm
  •  vacuum pump: Q = 20LTmin
  •  weight: 8 kg
  •  Power: 0.38 kW
  •  Power supply: 230 V

Delivery time 7-21 business days

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