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GP | Grill Toaster Gas kebab "KING 3" + Panini Grill "QUEEN" + Knife | SET!

GP | Grill Toaster Gas kebab "KING 3" + Panini Grill "QUEEN" + Knife | SET!

Code: GP.220-3+GP-820+GP.100E

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1,475.74 867.69
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1,815.16 1,067.26

Lowest price gross 30 days before discount: 1,095.70 

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867.69 1,475.74 net
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GP | Grill Toaster Gas kebab | Gyros | "KING 3" - PREMIUM

  • Line "KING" - There is only one KING!
  • Grill | Kebab toaster GastroProdukt Professional "KING 3" | GP.220-3 PREMIUM for the traditional preparation of kebabs, gyros and shawarms
  • External dimensions: 550x700x960 (h) mm
  • Number of burners: 3
  • Power: 9.75 kW
  • Power: 230V /gas
  • Weight: 31 kg
  • Meat load: up to 40 kg
  • Made of stainless steel
  • 2 stainless steel heat shields swinging out of the wings (right and left) with the possibility of unscrewing them
  • maximum dimensions of a bale of meat: & oslash; 400x (H) 510 mm
  • Independent adjustable burners
  • Security valve
  • Ceramic burners with a long life
  • For natural gas or propane-butane
  • Upper motor with the ability to change the direction of rotation
  • Adjustable distance between seat post and torch
  • Removable toasting residue and fat tray
  • Burner cover made of AISI-310 steel
  • Smooth regulation of the burner power
  • Cool-touch seat post adjustment elements
  • Independent heating zones, controlled by separate knobs, allow you to turn off or reduce the power of individual heating panels
  • Seatpost rotates automatically by means of a heat-resistant electric motor

GP | Electric Knife for Gyros /Kebab | KGP.100E

  • Electric Knife GastroProdukt Professional - for professional cutting Kebabs from chicken, turkey | Gyros made of pork.
  • Blade made of stainless steel
  • Easy adjustment of slice thickness
  • Included: knife sharpener
  • Blade guard ensures safety when slicing
  • Blade diameter: 100 mm
  • Weight: 1.25 kg
  • Power: 80 W 
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Smooth adjustment of the cutting thickness: 0 - 10 mm

GP | Panini Electric Contact Grill "QUEEN" | GP-820

  • Contact grill for fat-free frying.
  • The device allows you to obtain dishes with a unique taste and juiciness thanks to the phenomenon of sealing of leeks on the surface of fried meats.
  • We start grilling after the plate has warmed up to working temperature.
  • Heating area: 340x220 mm
  • Double-side toasting,
  • Equipped with cast iron hobs,
  • Grooved bottom and top plate,
  • Stainless steel case
  • Electrical components and heaters completely enclosed and not accessible from the outside,
  • Górna balanced plate, compression spring adjusted to allow accurate rotation of the portion,
  • Equipped with a drip tray,
  • Heat-resistant handles,
  • Compact and solid casing,
  • External dimensions: 425 x 360 x 195 (h) mm
  • Temperature control range up to 300 ° C
  • 230V power supply
  • 2200W power
  • Weight 21 kg

Delivery time: 2-3 days

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