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Pizza trays

Contrary to what the headline may suggest, we are not interested in the world of fantasy novels, where unreal characters use magic objects to achieve miracles. We keep our feet on the kitchen floor and we know that there is no need to count on unearthly help in the busy catering facilities. We also know that specially profiled devices are the best for baking a tasty Italian delicacy such as pizza. So you need not only a talented and experienced cook working on an excellent GastroProdukt Professional oven, but also a high-quality pizza tray . Unique circle shape, smooth bottom surface, well done and crispy, but not burnt – such characteristics of the dough are ensured by pizza trays , made of the highest quality blue steel, which you can order on the GastroProdukt.pl website.

Delicious pizza every time

GastroProdukt Professional is a leading company on the Polish market, offering comprehensive equipment for all types of catering facilities. Each device, accessory or vessel is subjected to strict quality control. This guarantees the maximum satisfaction of our customers who know that we make sure that only the best equipment is in their kitchen. It is no different in the case of pizza tray . We are proud to present you a series of durable pizza pans, in many sizes, from 200 mm in diameter to 500 mm. Certainly, this accessory will appeal to all chefs who value reliability and longevity. Our pizza tray , regardless of size, is unified in height (25mm). We do not recommend steaming this product in the dishwasher in order to maintain maximum properties. In case of doubt, our specialists from the customer service department provide professional assistance in choosing the best equipment for your kitchen. We encourage you to contact us and get acquainted with the wide range of pizza supporters in the GastroProdukt.pl store.