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Pizza presses

The GastroProdukt Professional pizza presses have a good press

Are you looking for a way to make the perfect pizza dough in no time? Here is the answer to your question. In a professional kitchen, every second counts. Kneading a delicate cake of a different thickness requires a lot of concentration, a lot of experience and, perhaps above all, time. Any solution that shortens and facilitates the process of preparing a meal, without compromising on quality, is like a gift from heaven in the catering facilities. It is thanks to such solutions that it is possible to serve more guests in a shorter time. It is such investments that pay off the fastest and guarantee success on the market. Pizza dough presses are a solution that pizzeria owners all over Poland love, automating another element in their kitchens.

Pizza dough presses for professionals

The solid structure made of stainless steel guarantees long-term operation and high resistance to mechanical damage and moisture. Both the casing and the discs are made of this metal, moreover, for increased safety, the top disc is surrounded by a movable guard. GastroProdukt Professional pizza presses give you maximum control over all aspects of the operation of the device. Using the ergonomic control panel, you can adjust the temperature of each disc independently, the pressing time of the dough, and the final thickness of the pizza base. Thanks to this, the pizza will always be exactly as in the original recipe, which has attracted many customers to the place. Our pizza dough presses can be purchased in two variants – smaller, with a diameter of 330 mm and larger – 450 mm in diameter. The compact dimensions of the presses allow them to be placed on any flat surface. The GastroProdukt Professional pizza dough presses are also characterized by an aesthetic, modern design. Should you be unable to decide which model to choose, our experienced advisers will be happy to share their knowledge with the range of professional gastronomy equipment.


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