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Pizza ovens

We all know that a true pizzaiolo, which is a pizza baking expert, works only with a professional pizza oven. Traditional delicacies prepared in accordance with Italian recipes are made with the use of the highest quality equipment. Check our offer and choose the right, perfectly adjusted restaurant pizza oven for your restaurant!

Commercial pizza oven 

There is no doubt that pizza is one of the foreign dishes that have caught on in Poland and other countries. You can easily find restaurants that serve this delicacy in many different variants: from traditionally Neapolitan, through rich americana, to pizzas with Polish inspirations. Regardless of the chosen convention, the basis is a professional pizza oven.

At GastroProdukt, we perfectly understand that preparing a dish of the highest quality requires not only great skills, but also professional equipment. It increases the comfort of work, as well as the number of pizzas baked at the same time. It all translates directly to raising the income of the premises, too.
Our offer includes both traditional wood-fired professional pizza ovens and modern gas-fired models. Selected GastroProdukt products offer many interesting solutions, e.g. the innovative Forninox technology, which facilitates maintaining a constant temperature in the chamber. This way, the cook is relieved of the obligation to constantly control the furnace or the state of fire and can focus on the most important thing: preparing a delicious dish.

We especially recommend professional wood-fired commercial pizza ovens, built of fireclay bricks from Anagni in Italy. Such a stove is largely handmade, which gives it character and makes every customer immediately look at the premises with a more favorable eye.

The wood-fired stove is the oldest variety - it was already used in the times when people were just starting to build the basic equipment of their home, replacing the fireplace. Today it is the most common pizza oven, especially popular in Italy and southern Europe. It can be successfully used in professional gastronomy as well as in single-family houses, for example in the garden.

The wood-fired restaurant pizza oven has a relatively simple design. It has two chambers (or more) - one burns wood and generates basic heat, and the other has a baking plate. This solution prevents the pizza from browning and being directly exposed to open fire. A properly ventilated chamber allows you to comfortably, easily and evenly bake a dough, even of a large thickness.

In addition to the two chambers, commercial pizza ovens of this type also have appropriate ventilation ducts. Depending on whether it is a model for indoor or outdoor use, it has a different flue gas discharge system.
The functionality of a wood-fired oven is not just about baking pizza. In fact, it can be successfully used for the thermal treatment of many other varied dishes, depending on individual needs and cooking skills. It’s perfectly suited for baking bread, cooking meat, vegetables, casseroles, stews and even soups.
A large, two or even three-chamber pizza oven is an extremely spectacular element of a pizzeria's equipment. However, you need to know that it’s a specific piece of equipment with both advantages and disadvantages.
In the case of wood-fired pizza ovens, the disadvantages include: 


  • the need to use special ventilation and exhaust pipes,
  • obligatory regular maintenance,
  • fire protection requirements,
  • no precise temperature control.

However, the advantages of such a professional pizza oven are indisputable. They include: 


  • the possibility of baking and thermal processing of many dishes,
  • cheap exploitation (wood is not an expensive raw material),
  • very convenient operation,
  • exquisite taste and aroma of dishes roasted with the use of wood,
  • the possibility of using the equipment in the open air.

The advantages of the wood stove are so great that many chefs regularly use it also for baking other dishes. The unique aroma and ease of use outweigh minor disadvantages. Wood-fired commercial pizza ovens are also extremely durable and functional, providing comfort and a wide range of usage, both in a professional restaurant kitchen, as well as in garden gastronomy.

Although many people believe that traditional pizza is inextricably linked with a wood-burning stove, it’s not entirely true. Yes, such a dish acquires a characteristic taste, but delicious pastries can also be prepared in many other ways.
Our GastroProdukt offer includes: 


  • wood fired pizza ovens,
  • electric pizza ovens,
  • gas pizza ovens.

We offer models in various variants, many forms and dimensions. Everyone will find something that suits their business goal, whether it’s for a large restaurant, a small pizzeria, fast food bar or even a food truck.

Electric restaurant pizza oven 

The electric commercial pizza oven is one of the most popular varieties of this type of equipment. For years, it has been used in small, medium and large restaurants, being by far the easiest in terms of installation, as it requires no flues or ventilation - only electricity.

The downside, however, is that in economic terms, it fares the worst compared to gas and wood-fired models. Electric professional pizza ovens are the smallest but most expensive to maintain. Nonetheless, they have great possibilities in terms of precise temperature control and ensure extremely even heat circulation.
The electric pizza oven consists of the main chamber, fans, special heaters and additional equipment. It is typically adapted to the preparation of pizza, having forced air circulation which allows the dough and ingredients to be baked evenly. As a result, the pizza is crispy but not browned, the cheese is properly melted, and the additions are hot, but not overbaked.

An electric restaurant pizza oven has relatively few disadvantages. Above all it: 


  • has no effect on improving the taste and aroma,
  • generates high maintenance costs.

As for the advantages:


  • it doesn’t need ventilation and chimney ducts - a simple discharge of warm air is enough, e.g. an ordinary hood with a carbon filter,
  • power is enough to use it freely,
  • it allows you to precisely adjust the temperature which reduces the risk of burning or undercooking,
  • it doesn’t require specialized conservation. 

At GastroProdukt, we offer electric commercial pizza ovens with both one chamber and slightly larger two-chamber models. A great advantage of our devices is the pyrolysis mode which instantly heats the interior to a temperature of 450°C considered the best for baking pizza. Moreover, in such an environment, almost all bacteria and viruses that could threaten customers' health die quickly. It is also a great way to thoroughly clean the stove. Pyrolysis will literally burn to ashes even hard-to-remove food remains and greasy stains that cannot be dealt with using specialized caustic agents (the inside of the stoves should not be cleaned with strong chemicals). It is not only about hygiene, but also the optimization of working time.

Gas-fired pizza oven

A gas pizza oven will also be a great choice. This model has a special design that perfectly stores heat. It also offers the greatest power (due to the calorific value of the gas) and thus allows you to heat up many chambers at the same time. What's more, the devices available in the GastroProdukt offer are made of the highest quality stainless steel which is extremely resistant and easy to clean.

The gas-fired commercial pizza oven is used almost as often as a traditional wood-fired oven. It is certainly more convenient to use and allows you to prepare many dishes that are thermally processed by baking, being a perfect device for this type of task.

Gas professional pizza ovens are used not only in pizzerias. Although their structure indicates that they are mainly intended for the preparation of this Italian delicacy, they can often be found in gastronomic establishments where pizza is not an essential element of the menu or even absent from it at all. They are extremely versatile, so they are very often used in restaurants for baking other dishes. Chefs can use them in many ways, baking not only bread, but also fish, vegetables, cheese and even delicate meats.
The economic criterion speaks in favor of using a gas-powered professional pizza oven as well. The ROMA model available in our offer can be adapted to LPG or natural gas. In restaurants where the device is in constant use (even for 12 hours a day), it can translate into much lower bills than using an electric model.
Like any other device, a gas restaurant oven for pizza has its strengths and weaknesses. Of course, depending on the needs and requirements of the chef, the advantages or disadvantages may emerge. Therefore, it is worth checking both before buying such equipment, so that the investment is well-thought-out.

The advantages of a gas pizza oven are: 


  • high usable efficiency, allowing for quick and efficient baking,
  • convenient temperature control,
  • protect the meal from burning,
  • very easy access to power and gas (from mains or cylinders).

The disadvantages of gas pizza ovens are on the other hand: 

  • the need to ensure proper ventilation and discharge of exhaust gasses,
  • the requirement for regular inspections (gas can be dangerous),
  • possible problems related to the connection to the gas network or the cylinder.

Nonetheless, the advantages of this device outweigh its disadvantages. In other words, it is an extremely durable and very functional stove which works perfectly in every restaurant, not only pizzeria.

Italian restaurant pizza oven

The GastroProdukt offer includes a real, original Italian pizza oven, perfect for places that follow authentic recipes and focus on the Mediterranean atmosphere. We provide a wide selection of models from a well-known manufacturer, straight from sunny Italy.

The Italian Alfa Forni professional pizza ovens are dedicated to the preparation of traditional pastry. Thanks to modern technology, they ensure quick baking and preserve the perfect taste and aroma. The products of this brand are distinguished by a unique design, created as a result of many years of work on solutions that ensure the best results when baking pizza. This was achieved thanks to the development of a special system that allowed obtaining a very high temperature in a relatively short time.

The uniqueness of the Italian commercial pizza ovens Alfa Forni is due to their internal construction. The heat immediately enters the chamber through special channels, causing it to heat up efficiently. It’s especially important in terms of energy savings.

The Alfa Forni brand was created completely by chance. During family feasts spent on baking pizza, family members began to wonder how to speed up the entire process of preparing a meal. This is how the first stove designs were born, which led to the establishment of the Alfa Forni brand, dedicated to individual customers.
Over time, they started to produce these devices also for restaurants and pizzerias. And today the company offers variants aimed at both private customers and representatives of the catering industry. Alfa Forni professional pizza ovens are divided into two categories: Domestic Line (which is a response to the needs of people who want to enjoy delicious pizza prepared in the garden or other place of family meetings), and Professional Line (pizza ovens for professional restaurants, pizzerias, and small eateries).

Gradually gaining experience and knowledge over the next years of its activity, the company significantly developed its product offer. Each line includes extremely attractive products that meet the expectations of even the most demanding chefs - enthusiasts and professionals.

Italian Alfa Forni restaurant pizza ovens can be powered by electricity, gas or wood, depending on the possibility of connection or individual needs. The offer includes models adapted to be used indoors or outdoors, for example as a garden stove. Each catalog option is a fully efficient system, regardless of the power supply method.

A characteristic feature of Alfa Forni commercial pizza ovens is their timeless design. They can be easily adapted to the arrangement of any restaurant or garden, being elegantly tasteful and quite universal at the same time. In addition, they have extremely affordable prices.

Professional pizza oven for a garden

One of the most interesting concepts for creating a restaurant is a bistro in the garden. Late spring, all summer and early autumn are a great time to eat outdoors. Guests choose to eat in the garden more willingly when the temperature and the atmosphere is right. 

An open-air pizzeria is a great idea for a summer bistro. All you need is a good-quality garden pizza oven, some tables and a medium-sized menu offer to attract customers. And if you can choose a location near green areas, or even better - in the immediate vicinity of water (e.g. at a beach bar), then you can be sure that there will be plenty of people eager for a hot snack.

The garden restaurant pizza oven itself is a relatively low cost that can pay off even within a month under the condition that the prepared pizza will be tasty and offered at a good price. It is also worth taking care of the business’s image and marketing. Only then can you count on customers who will visit you and then recommend your brand. The mere fact of baking pizzas in front of guests can be successfully used to advertise your business. Customers like to see how and what their meal is made of, which is why they are more likely to visit such a restaurant.

Choosing a perfect pizza oven is not a piece of cake as there are many different variants. The price should definitely be one of the key criteria. If the device is only to be used in the summer, it cannot be too expensive as it simply will not pay off. Still, it should be good quality equipment. If possible, it is best to choose a model that will be fired with wood, because the pizza prepared this way is certainly more aromatic and crispy.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of commercial pizza ovens

Traditional wood-fired pizza ovens are cleaned with a special wire brush on warm fireclay. It’s advisable to scrub the remains of burnt dough until the surface is clean. This is a time-consuming task, but in line with what many Italian masters recommend. Occasionally, you can also roll a slightly damp cloth on the brush to wash the inside of the heating chamber. You also need to remember to regularly remove the ash with a dustpan and a broom. All the necessary accessories can be found in the GastroProdukt offer as well.

A classic professional pizza oven should also be properly heated so that the temperature inside gradually increases. Otherwise, the bricks may crack and the ceramic coating may get damaged. Each flaw contributes to heat loss and reduces the functionality and performance of the equipment.

You want the service and maintenance to be as easy as possible? A more convenient solution is to choose an electric pizza oven that offers a pyrolysis mode. All you need to do is turn it on, set a sufficiently high temperature, and then wait until the cleaning process is completed - all the dirt will be burned, so at the end you only need to select the ash. The device is made of durable, resistant stainless steel, so it can be washed from the outside with special chemicals.

How to choose a perfect restaurant pizza oven?

There are many types of pizza ovens on the market. It is worth choosing the type that matches your preferences. First of all, not every place is suitable for installing a wood-fired commercial pizza oven. Problems may also arise in the case of gas models, which can only be put on if you have an appropriate flue, power supply, ventilation and gas connection. That’s why it is so necessary to determine what options can be considered at all.

Another important question is what kind of dough you want to bake. Completely different baking temperatures are assigned to real Neapolitan pizza, and different to the variants that are based on a slightly thicker dough or prepared with special types of yeast.

Is there a universal professional pizza oven? The temperature range that the device will be able to handle is important. If it exceeds 450°C, it is likely to prepare almost any of the popular pizzas.
The size of the pizzeria also plays a crucial role. It can be difficult to fit a real stone pizza oven in a small place. That’s why it’s so important to determine whether to choose a small electric stove or a slightly larger gas or brick structure. Even if the equipment can theoretically fit in the selected place, it also has to be installed in such a way that employees can operate it with ease.

When choosing a pizza oven, you should always consult the chef. If a person in this position is not able to use the equipment properly, it makes no sense to invest in an expensive model. The equipment we offer can be studied and mastered relatively quickly, but it is still good to consult the purchase with employees.

A very important selection criterion is also the price of the equipment itself and the cost of its maintenance. In the case of commercial pizza ovens, the electric model will be the cheapest choice, but it doesn’t mean that it will always work. If a restaurant serves many customers, it can generate very high electricity bills.
Wood-fired pizza ovens are definitely cheaper - even if they are fired with more expensive beech, they will generate less costs than electric or gas-fired models. Facing the rising media prices, it is best to make the appropriate calculations to determine which variant you can afford.

In conclusion, if you want to buy a cheap and relatively efficient pizza oven, it's best to invest in an electric model. If you need a very efficient, large and expandable stove, choose a gas one. And when you plan to bake a pizza in the Neapolitan style or in the garden, it is worth choosing an Italian-style oven, powered by wood.
Of course, the appearance of the equipment matters as well - especially when you want to display it in a restaurant or, for example, in the garden. It can become an effective element of the decor, giving the arrangement a bit of character or tastefully complementing it. The models from our offer are exceptionally aesthetic. We have both more modern, minimalist options and rustic, original variants.

GastroProdukt advisors are always happy to answer your questions, helping you choose the right device. Together, we will select the perfect equipment for your premises. Check our offer of professional pizza ovens!


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